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In a similar boat here and have been for a while. Price is not a determining factor here.

With a line pressure pre-infusion (plumbed LMLM), you can mitigate light roasts a bit - if you care about these. What I cannot understand is why higher end machines do not have volumetric dosing, even if it is not ideal? Parts are standard and not that expensive. I have been making 3-4 drinks, twice a day for years and greatly appreciate the ability to press the button and do other stuff.


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Are aesthetics important? Are you someone who really likes playing with technology? The Decent was a nonstarter for me. I don't want a tablet to be responsible for my espresso, and the goddess-awful sound of the Decent pump was a huge turnoff. I got a Mini with the Specht EMP mods. It turns the Linea Mini into a Strada. You have full control of pressure with the pump. I love my machine. It's plumbed in and is a joy to look at and use. The espresso is incredible. I can't imagine wanting a different machine at this point.

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Thank you all for the responses! Based thereon, some comments from my side as well. It is true that I researched this quite intensively, as it is quite expensive. I guess I'm especially hoping for feedback from owners of a Decent or Linea Mini that stepped away from the machine and/or people who really used (for days/weeks) both machines. What was not good enough, what made you decide to move on?

What I'm really looking for is an increase of the ratio of extraordinary over good shots. I enjoy making espresso, but the end goal is always to try to extract the best espresso possible from the beans.

As for experimentation, it is not a requirement, but it would be a benefit. If I go for the Decent (likely), I will probably use one or two profiles for 98% of the time. However, there will be moments wherein I'm triggered by something and will want to improve/play/... . It will be nice to have that option.

As for esthetics, I consider this important. The LMLu is certainly better looking, but I'm very fine with the Decent design as well. What I cannot live with is the shiny chrome boxes, hence my list :lol:

As for user interface, I tend to like old-school/manual interfaces, but I always seem to prefer feature strength over user interface. I'm using touchscreens on my current espresso machine, watch, car,... . While I would perhaps prefer some physical buttons, I do appreciate the flexibility that a touchscreen provides. I also do not believe that pushing a button on a touchscreen or moving a paddle that clicks another switch will provide a different 'experience'. Most of my coffee ritual time resides in the prep phase, looking at the extraction and steaming/pouring milk.

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My experience with the decent is that I've played around with a wide variety of profiles, and some i use for protracted periods. I've played around with turbo, allonge, blooming, adaptive and flow profiles with a variety of success. Most of my shots are pulled with spring lever profiles, and I've used pretty much all of the ones on the machine at some point. I tend to use something for a few weeks, getting used to dialing it in with a variety of coffees, and learning its quirks, then try something new. So mostly with 1 or 2 profiles, but the have changed over time. Currently LRV2 modified to 8 bar peak pressure.

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StijnL wrote:I guess I'm especially hoping for feedback from owners of a Decent or Linea Mini that stepped away from the machine and/or people who really used (for days/weeks) both machines. What was not good enough, what made you decide to move on?
I owned a DE1. Fine machine and taught me a lot about the craft of making espresso. It can be drop-dead simple to use, or as techy as you want to be. But, for me the DE1 was ultimately overkill as I drink 1-2 straight espresso's daily using coffees I roast myself. I don't make milk drinks except on occasion. So I found a good home for the DE1 and went 'backwards' to a much simpler manual lever. I will never say I can be as precise as the DE1's computer, but I can emulate a couple of my favorite DE1 profiles and get similar quality consistently.

Not expecting this to impact your criteria at all, but it just highlights that the machine we each choose is very much a personal decision based on our intended use.


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I have used both a DE1 and LMLM. I ended up keeping the DE1. There were many reasons for this, the biggest one for me is that the DE1 is a more versatile machine. I use it to make espresso from medium and light-roasted beans, and it allows me to alter profiles to get the most out of each roast level. I also use it to make amazing filter coffee, tea, and also hop tea for home brewing beer. It has allowed me to get rid of my kettle as I use the DE1 instead, and can vary the temperature of the water I need based on what I am brewing.

Another big selling point for me is the DE1 is so portable. I travel a fair bit, and take my DE1 with me in its flight case. It's very light and easy to travel with, and ensures I have great coffee wherever I end up. Lastly, the DE1 is the only machine I can think of that will get better as time goes by. Every update improves the capability of the machine, and any hardware improvements are able to be retrofitted. I've had my DE1 for almost two years and I'm just as excited about making espresso with it now as when it first arrived.

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I have a DE1XL which replaced an E61 DB. I use it mostly for filter coffee. It's really excellent at that. Certainly not what I first expected when it arrived. I only drink coffee with milk, but the occasional espresso I make for visitors is always complimented, though I've no idea what that means in the scope of how it would be received by this boards more capable members. Be prepared for all the trials and tribulations of using beta software and putting up with the minor annoyances of occasional bugs and anomalies. I love the very short warm up time, I have the steam off and the machine is ready to brew in under 3 minutes if you're willing to work with a just warm portafilter. Another 2 or 3 minutes if you want steam too.

If all I wanted was to make espresso knowing who I am, I'd pick the LMMu without thinking, but the ability to make filter coffee and really good tea means I'm probably not willing to give up the DE1.

I've been here for 14 years, but never developed a tasted for espresso or black coffee. I still drink both with milk and so the abilities of the Decent are far beyond my needs and abilities to use, but the flexibility is endlessly entertaining.


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I think about both of these all the time, and I am in the market for a Micra.. I dislike nearly everything about the Decent, but the fact so many people say it's the best has still prevented me from truly ruling it out. I think not, though.

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Decent owner. The advantage of the Decent is the ability to see and measure what you are doing. The graphs let you see how consistent you are in you shots. You can vary a parameter to understand what the impact is on taste and have the metrics to know what you changed and how much it changed. The Decent community is also great. Shots are uploaded to the cloud and you can share results, ask for feedback, get advice and download profiles others have created. Some of the available profiles are designed to improve shots that would not turn out well, adjusting parameters during the shot depending on how the shot is progressing.