Decent Espresso Machine - Should I wait for v1.5?

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#1: Post by kramerica »

I'm looking to but the decent espresso machine, would probably go for the DE1XL just for the white color.
When checking out previous versions, it seems that every 6 months, a new version is released.

It's been 6 months or so since 1.4. I'd hate to pay that amount for a machine, if a new one is just around the corner. Any info regarding the new release?

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#2: Post by EricC »

I assume that you have already checked this thread :

Decent Espresso news


#3: Post by icantroast »

I was told it's not coming out until 2022. But I too hate buying something only to have a better one come out soon after haha. Usually happens to me too.

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#4: Post by Jeff »


You'll have to wait
It will cost more
The design is mature
Anything of significance (and a lot that isn't) will likely be retrofittable at modest cost.

Also, I think the XL is serious overkill for a home user. If you want the steam wand, buy a DE1+ and the wand is $179, as I recall. The Pro is also overkill, in my opinion.

You can read the should I wait for v1.4 threads and just swap version numbers.


#5: Post by TallDan »

Check out this post, which says that there are no major changes coming until 2022:
Decent Espresso news

There is talk of a 230v 10a model coming with more powerful steam (but no change to the espresso) in the nearer future, but that's not likely to be of interest for a home user.

And as mentioned, there's no difference in the espresso between the de1+, pro, and xl, so, unless the installation in your home benefits greatly from the appearance of the XL, you would be equally served with the less expensive de1+.


#6: Post by Nate42 »

The Decent machines are explicitly about using innovative technology to improve espresso. There is always going to be a next version. If you want one, you have to draw the line somewhere, or you will be waiting forever. Looks like they have so far managed to maintain software compatibility and support for the older versions, unless there is a specific announced feature you are very interested in I see no advantage to waiting.

Personally what I wish is that I had gotten in at the beginning when they were less expensive. Price has gone up and I expect that trend to only continue, both as newer features add cost and also just as the economic realities of selling a high quality niche market product continue to add up. Don't own one but been on my "maybe someday" list for a while. If it weren't for the fact that I'm putting kids through college and presently enjoying my time in low tech land with the cafelat robot, I would probably have already done it.


#7: Post by liquidmetal »

They just announced a 10amp version of the XL. That means steaming a 6oz latte in 15 seconds, down from 45 in my De1Pro.

Comparable to Linea levels of steaming - this might be your sweet spot. John announced a year and a half period of r&d that will mean current features will be latest and greatest for awhile.

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#8: Post by Chert » replying to liquidmetal »

45 seconds? for six ounces milk? Is that the usual thermoblock steaming pace?
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#9: Post by kramerica (original poster) »

Thank you all - I guess it's going to be the current version.

I don't need nor want the DE1XL, but I really want the white color.
Is there a cheaper way to get a white machine? Any 3rd party mods for the regular DE1+?

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#10: Post by lessthanjoey »

Chert wrote:45 seconds? for six ounces milk? Is that the usual thermoblock steaming pace?
That doesn't match mine at all - a 110V DE1+. 4oz is about 20s, 6oz is about 30. And I'm not at max flow rate because it's too much to get microfoam with my skills and that small amount of milk!