Decent Espresso DE1PRO or XXL? Which model for small cafe?

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I've being looking into decent machines and wondered which model will be better for small cafe usage?
As it seems both models are pretty much the same, just that the XXL steam somewhat 5 seconds faster? or I'm wrong..
one says 200k cups and other says 400k cups warranty. it means the XXL has better internals, double life span?
Will the pro or XXL can handle small cafe place demand? like 100-200 cafe a day? or the steaming is slowly?
as i understood steaming and brewing can't be done same time so it takes the commercial usage out of the equation or can still handle not busy cafe place?

Will appreciate any informative answers that will help me decide the right model, hopefully someone here use or had this machine to put some light if the models does make a difference? and if it can handle workload and what kind of workload :)
for example can i pull 3 constant shots in let's say 5 minutes or so? or it needs to reheat and has a delay..
what is the average time to steam milk for 1 late cup between the models?

Thanks in advance!!

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help please 8)


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Send Decent an e-mail?
I don't want a Decent


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Since you want to use the machine for a cafe, I would make sure how easy and fast can you get the machine repaired and serviced. As far as I know Decent's service network isn't as wide spread as for other manufacturers. Stopping serving coffee because the machine is down for a long time isn't the best thing for a cafe. For commercial environment there are different rules than for home where you can easily wait for your machine being serviced. Just a few things to think about.

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I couldn't tell you what you need, I suppose you mainly have to look at your own projected numbers.

There are a growing number of places employing Decent machines, even in fairly quick coffee shop settings. However, commonly they will have two of them if it really is a business-critical tool. Think of it as a two group machine with the ability to send one off for repairs, leaving you still with one machine. So two XLs might be better than 1 XXL!

A few places from the Decent forum:

I'm not sure a fancy coffee shop would do it but I'd definitely do the "ghost steaming" if I was running a business with it as it makes it about as fast as a other commercial machines. It times the steaming so that it finishes at the right time and you don't have to hold it. I empty and clean the portafilter while it steams for me.

But yeah, the Decent folks are very helpful so don't be afraid to reach out to them.