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#1: Post by Petrus »

Any Canadian got a Decent Espresso Machine?

It's being shipped from Hong Kong. What was the import tax/custom like?



#2: Post by Incognito007 »

According to this, you have to pay about $1000 in tax if you live in Ontario, which sucks. 9% duty and 13% tax. I hope I'm wrong and it is less, but that appears to be the case. ... l-eng.html


#3: Post by Incognito007 »

After tinkering with the decent site it seems the machine has a declared value of $500 therefore the duties and tax are less. :lol:


#4: Post by DaveWCII »

From the site:

"VAT and import duty are charged on the espresso machine hardware, which has a declared value of: US $500. The espresso machine software is sent to you over the Internet and is not part of this shipment. Depending on your country's tax laws, you may need to self-declare VAT to your government for having downloaded the espresso machine software."

So when you receive the machine the declared value is $500. On the Decent website, the software is listed as $5,000+ Cdn value and delivered over the net.The machine is shipped from Hong Kong.


#5: Post by Petrus »

i realize that....
but DE website clearly states that the machine is >$4000.
I was wondering if custom buys the declared value of $500. That's why I asked if the canadian DE owners had any issue with custom....

Although I think it's very clever for DE to separate hardware and software value....


#6: Post by JayBeck » replying to Petrus »

They have declared the $500 hardware value and the delta being software value since v1.0. The secret sauce is not the hardware, which consists of a lot of off the shelf parts. The secret sauce is in the software and firmware which includes the controllers for the thermocoil and water mixing technology, the physics models, etc.


#7: Post by bach »

Anyone got actual experience importing it into Canada and how much duty was paid?



#8: Post by webuild4life »

Incognito007 wrote:
They also charge a few hundred bucks for shipping which is pretty lame. For a product of this price shipping should be free.
You know they'd just raise the price of the machine $300 and say "free shipping!" You pay for shipping no matter what you buy.


#9: Post by Incognito007 »

True. I guess I'm just not used to buying something this pricey. My perspective has shifted at this point. Just excited to receive it in a few months.


#10: Post by cunim »

bach wrote:Anyone got actual experience importing it into Canada and how much duty was paid?

Yep. No problems with the $500 value.