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#11: Post by bach »

cunim wrote:Yep. No problems with the $500 value.
So you only paid duties on the $500? Nice!



#12: Post by DaveWCII » replying to bach »

Small point, but it's $500 US. I see on my invoice that the amount subject to taxes & duty is $670.27 Cdn. When I receive mine I'll let you know the full invoice, I believe from DHL. There will be duty (should be 9% I believe, taxes & DHL handling fee).


#13: Post by Champagne »

I spoke to someone online that said when they go theirs there was no extra fees, but I'm expecting 9% on the $500usd (I've also been told that under $800CDN there's no importing fees... so I'm really not sure)

I'll update when I receive mine in 3-5 weeks.


#14: Post by DaveWCII »

I just got mine today. It took 6 days total from the time I was informed that it was shipping. I still didn't have a tracking #, ha. There was no invoice from UPS. I'm surprised there wasn't a charge for PST,GST at least.


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Congrats! So to clarify, you didn't end up having to pay anything on top of what you paid to Decent?

Well .. I just took the plunge as well and am expecting a DE+ sometime at the end of July :shock:



#16: Post by DaveWCII » replying to bach »

Nope, nothing. I looked back & I ordered mine on May 20 & received it on June 30. Not bad considering they predicted 8 weeks wait at that time. Now it looks like they're suggesting 5 weeks. I got mine early because they were having trouble with the mirror finish on the front & I was willing to take a damaged unit. They sent me photos of the so-called damage on my unit & I jumped on it. Now when I look at it, I can't see anything wrong with the mirror finish. You can see the mirror below: