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Dump the SI and go with the XXL or XL. I had an Elektra T1 for 15 years. Very shiny, 6l of steam power, modified with a thermometer in the flow path. The Decent is light years ahead. It can emulate any type of machine and the feedback you get from the graphs is huge. You see what happened pulling the shot and can adjust to improve taste. Steaming is slower but the quality and consistency of the micro foam is much better. Easy to under or over stretch the milk with the Elektra because it was so fast. I modified it with a small one hole tip to slow it down but this machine is much better. The best part of the machine is the community and their contribution to new profiles which you can download from the forum and upload to your machine. You can then try these, adjust these or create your own. You will not go back to the S1 once you have tried this machine. Its a game changer. There are also after market upgrades manufactured by members of the Decent community that include drip tray covers that integrate with a blue tooth scale. Suggest you get one of these. The Decent will then dose based on weight.

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I briefly or repeatedly frothed milk on lm línea, slayer steam, Astoria, conti pro boxes and of course my favorite Pavoni. Steaming on the Decent best all efforts from prior machines, first go. The steaming is easy and fun if not lightning fast with it. And very dry.
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Makanmata wrote:I love the idea that the profile is almost infinitely adjustable and has a laser focus on quality in the cup, and I'm willing to give up the raw power and sex appeal of the Slayer to get that.
This feels more like a confession or jumping the border. Switching teams.

Sad to see you go mate, but enjoy your new chapter :lol:.
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Makanmata (original poster)

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Thanks. So far, so good. The Decent DE1XL arrived last week in NYC less than 48 hours after I placed the order in Hong Kong. So far my concerns about the power have been unfounded. The frothing speed is acceptable, and does in fact produce much nicer, dryer, and higher quality foam than my S1.

There has been some learning curve on the Decent, while making coffees for over a decade on my S1s meant that I was something of an expert on it and could pull perfect shots without much thought. I had some company the night after it arrived and I prepared the coffee on the S1 as I didn't immediately have confidence on the Decent. But 5 days in I'm getting great results on the Decent - my daily coffee consumption is up about 300%-400% - and enjoying different profiles. I even posted one of my shots on Decent Diaspora today. I haven't used the S1 for the past 4 days, and if current trends continue I imagine I'll be using the Decent almost entirely and will put the S1 in the Buy/Sell Forum and plumb in the Decent.

Thanks for all the advice.