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Hello forum! I just found a buyer for my Rocket Appartamento and will be purchasing a DE1PRO later this month. Beyond excited!

I'm looking for recommendations on Bluetooth scales to pair with my DE1PRO. The Decent Scale seems nice in many respects, but it does seem pretty thick and the orientation/angle of the display seems suboptimal when standing next to the machine. I'm also really interested in scales below the drip tray, but wanted to get some thoughts on this setup (and any caveats/drawbacks)?

Thanks in advance! I did try to find existing threads on this, so if I missed one (1) apologies (2) please point me in the right direction.


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I did find these two options. They are quite expensive, so wondering if any folks have recommendations for something less expensive.

2) Brewing with EUAN

I prefer the design/style of the first (Sworks) but can't justify spending almost 10% of the machine cost.

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Skale II and either Damian's 3D printable "large" or Sheldon's metal adapter. Some prefer the Acaia scales, but I fail to see any utility or performance advantage in this application. The Acaias have a history of connectivity issues with de1app.

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Thanks! Can you point me in the direction of Damian's 3D printable "large"? I couldn't find anything


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I have been using an Acaia Lunar for almost a year with a DE1, and have found it to be almost entirely painless.

I haven't experienced any connection issues or drops, the only thing that has happened is occasionally, it doesn't connect automatically and i need to hit the flashing weight icon on the espresso screen.

One disadvantage that i see with the built in scale holders, and particularly the below the drip tray type, is that it's a bit of a pain to remove the scale. I use the Lunar for weighing doses and making pour overs multiple times per day, so need to move it around a lot.

When i bought the Lunar, i thought that i was indulging in some espresso specific craziness, as it's so expensive. After a year though, I'd happily buy another if this one broke, since it's so painless to use.

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I have the 1.0 version of the Decent scale and wouldn't recommend it, which is too bad. The current version may connect better but I'd still prefer the Skale2 to it if you go for a relatively cheap scale that connects well to the Decent. It has been flawless and there are many DE1 users with it if you have questions or want to do a drip tray conversion. Not to steer you from more expensive scales.

I haven't done the under the drip tray thing... it would appear to cost more money than I expected and I keep thinking about countersinking my machine which would not be an under-tray thing anyway.

But yeah, you'll have a good time!

Lots of threads on drip trays will open up to you when you get access to the Decent threads so you could wait a bit to see what you like there. But having a scale from the go would be useful.


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Do not have a Decent but my concern with a counter-sinked scale is that it reduces the drip tray capacity and DE has a tiny drip tray to begin with. If you have it drained though, this is not an issue. I hope the next version of the Decent scale is goin to be much thinner.


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I've been using the skale2 with Damian Brakel's 3d printed stand for about a year now. There's a trade-off in conveniences of having it there or not, but I think I like it. I've looked at the s-works stand several times, but can't get myself to spend the money on it. It would definitely look nicer and be easier to clean though. The 3D print is definitely the way to go to at least try it out at first before spending the money on the s-works one.

For some reason, Damian took the 3d models off of his website. A note on diaspora about it just says " is no longer available due to false google flagging. A new private url and password is available on request, which also includes skale adaptor files and other downloads".

So, you should be able to get it once you're on diaspora, if not, I can probably send it to you.

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I had problems (as many others seem to have had) with the original Decent scale. It was replaced under warranty and the current version has been flawless so far. The display? In a lot of ways it doesn't even need one. While using the Decent tablet the weight of the extraction is displayed on screen. The response time of the scale is astounding (no lag at all). It is very sensitive. It automatically zeros at the beginning of an extraction and stops the extraction at any programmed mass so you have to be careful not to touch it or the cup during an extraction because if you tap it and it reaches the programmed mass, the extraction stops. It is thick, but it lessens splashing, A cappuccino cup still fits easily, at least it does with a bottomless portafilter.
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