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Recommendations for buyers and upgraders from the site's members.
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#21: Post by Jeff »

You're much better off with a Skale II or an Acaia


#22: Post by Starspawn2318 »

I was skeptical about the skale II because of their lackluster website but I found it used for 8 bucks so I gave it a shot and its awesome when paired with my Decent. No problems. Connects quickly every time I turn it on.

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#23: Post by PIXIllate »

As someone who has owned both a 1.0 and 1.1 Decent Bluetooth scale and had them both fail I'd have to say that unfortunately I can't recommend it. I like the design and using it was fine but until John figures out all the manufacturing kinks (maybe the v1.2 will have it sorted) it's not for me.

I replaced it with a Lunar 2021 and the addition of a flow rate meter with peak flow reading directly on the scale has been a big plus for me.


#24: Post by beancrusher »

I use the expensive sworksdesign drip tray paired with a decent 1.0 scale. I have the scale powered with usb and haven't had any issues. Access to the drip tray and water reservoir aren't a problem for me. The sworksdesign drip tray looks much nicer than the stock stainless steel grating, but for $200 less you could get a lunar which has more utility since you can't really use the Bluetooth scale for anything else once the drip tray is stuck into it.


#25: Post by StijnL »

Does anyone know of the Eureka Precisa bluetooth scale can be used with the Decent? The Skale II and Decent scales are both rather expensive due to import taxes. Buying from a European distributor would make things easier, faster and cheaper.

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#26: Post by decent_espresso replying to StijnL »

Yes, the Eureka Precisa works with the de1app. More generally, all the commonly available 0.1g Bluetooth coffee scales work, as the community collaborates to make that happen.


#27: Post by ron231 replying to decent_espresso »

Thats good news, when I emailed decent support about which scales work I was told only those listed on the website worked, and I clarified by saying "Only those 6?" and was told yes unless someone codes for more, so I guess more have been coded for? Is there even more? I would like to know all the options before I decide 8)