DE1 & DE1XL on Standard Kitchen Countertop?

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I am looking at the dimensions of the DE1XL (which I might purchase) and I am curious how the machine fits on a standard 25-26" kitchen countertop. It seems like the machine is ~1.5" longer than the DE1+/DE1pro which does not seem like a lot but can certainly make a big difference.

If you have a picture, please post!



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Videos from the Decent site:

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Fits great. I have an XL on a standard kitchen counter. My espresso area is only 24" wide by standard counter depth, 24.5" I have a DE1-XL, a Niche and a Eureka Specialty 75 grinder in the small area. The DE 1XL sits in the middle and is about 3-4" from the front edge with enough room to get your hand behind the machine to push up the water feed tube to refill the tray.

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Thanks! Do you by any chance have a picture to share?


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Any reason you want the XL and not the Pro?

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Color (White) and I may do a countersink install. Else, I am just going to stick with the DE1 (not pro)