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Thermosiphon wrote:To be fair, the drip tray is fully removable and not attached to plumb out box; you would just have to fill in the hole on the bottom of the drip tray and then you could empty it like any other drip tray. However, it is VERY shallow because it is not meant for this purpose. (I will also admit the Mina has the cheapest drip tray of any machine I've ever owned except for my very first Mr. Coffee. The drip tray construction is similar to that of a Nuova Simonelli Musica.. plastic, light, flimsy, and a little bit too small to catch all errant drips and drops.)

I would love the folks here at HB to review the Mina. Once I have had it a few months I will review it myself as well.
It is a bit flimsy. But it's not plastic....


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It's not plastic? What is it made from then? Metal engineered to have the flimsiness and light weight of plastic? I'm genuinely asking because I honestly thought it was made of plastic.

I don't mean the actual wire tray, which is for sure metal, but the frame in which that metal wire tray sits. It feels like plastic to me. But either way, I still think it does the job well enough. And unless you are handling the tray itself it is not readily apparent that it is cheaply made. That is to say it looks nice and fits with the style of the rest of the machine.


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The tray is from stainless steel. The older ones (mine) were shiny, the new ones brushed.

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Keep the 54mm. Once you get used to it you won't want the 58. Dallas Corte know what they are doing and you bought the best Pump machine ever built in history of espresso up until this time. Not just it being a Revolutionary pump machine in terms of technology but I've always been a fan of their build quality...truly First Class.

I am a lever guy but if I had money I would buy one as it is a brilliant machine, nothing else like it.