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A lot of the used Minis I see are people trying to sell it for 95-100% of what they paid new. The Mini has seen quite a few large price increases and revisions over the years.

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gabeholloway wrote:There's a 2021 Linea Mini on FB Marketplace in New Orleans for $3000. With a K30 is $4000. Used in a restaurant setting and plumbed, so I'd definitely want to know about their filtration system. But if all checks out, THAT'S a deal.
Depends how busy that restaurant was and their water filtration system, not to mention regular maintenance. :mrgreen:
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Haha. Looking at my airline points now! A deal is a deal!

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It does seem that way. Are they that good or are people just trying to recoop their upfront cost?

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I have been looking at the Micra as well.. I'm in decision paralysis tbh

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In my opinion, the Mini is a catering machine. The Micra is a home machine. Both make great coffee. The Micra fits on a typical kitchen counter comfortably.

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I've had a GS3 in the past, not a Mini but similar in capability. It is overkill for home use. It's more of a trophy/achievement machine. There are some downsides to having a larger machine in the kitchen. Heat, warm up time, commercial maintenance, and size. It was fantastic at what it was built for, pumping drinks out consistently. If I was looking for a LM for my personal kitchen then I'd be taking a hard look at the micra. Faster warm up, smaller footprint, much cheaper, and maintains the quality and look of LM.

If you entertain often and need to make 10+ drinks quickly then stepping up to a Mini may make sense. The Micra can do 3-5 drinks quickly back to back and then needs some recovery time. But if you are casually making drinks then you'd never run up against that.
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Acaroml wrote:A person is selling a linea mini and grinder for 4k. Too good to be true? Any tips or things to look out for? How if I go through with the purchase, what is the safest way to pay. Don't really want to have that much cash on me. Any knowledge is appreciated.
I don't think that's too good to be true. I bought my GS3/AV via craigslist, and after I bought some accessories and parts, was still into it for under $5k. Just look for any red flags prior to any meeting. In my case, there was a huge discrepancy with the s/n plate that was pictured in the ad, and after we got that resolved my fears were assuaged. You can ask for very specific pictures so the seller would have to take a fresh picture for you. Ask why they are selling, what mods they've done, etc... to see if they know what they are talking about. I've sold a few prosumer machines and grinders over the past few years, and I'm more than happy to answer any questions people have. We tend to love to talk shop, so that may be a red flag if they don't have a reasonable answer or don't know. I've had a few people in my house to see and try machines first. I have no concerns with my personal security (ymmv). I don't carry that much cash around either, so if that's uncomfortable, don't bring the cash with you, or hide it in your car, or plan to go to a nearby bank branch, etc.... Anyone selling something for that much should understand the concerns and be flexible. Now, if you're driving a long distance and it's not feasible to make more than one trip, you'll have to work that out.