Cost range for (1) fully functioning (not rechromed) Faema Lambro (2) rechroming

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Postby mdmvrockford » Feb 17, 2017, 7:25 am

I've been thinking (and that sometimes leads to spending :wink: ).... what is the price range for a fully functioning (i.e. arrive in the mail and ready to pull shot once assembled) Faema Lambro? I expect to pay on the higher end of the range to get the nicer condition.

I saw this on Ebay. And this same listing at $3100 & $2900 was the only result on a search of "completed listings."
Is this current $2700 price (current price) analogous to $1200 for vintage Cremina in pristine condition with all its gaskets replaced?
Only hit on HB sell thread
[SOLD] Faema Lambro (Sydney, Australia)

I searched and did not find much. If I completely missed the thread then sorry and please post the link. This is unlike used Cremina pricing posts which yielded a lot of hits when researching in past. This makes sense as the likely number of Lambros produced was not much as the number of Creminas produced.

W.R.T. re-chroming:
I'm a sucker for really shiny mirror-like metal. Probably why I still have the Alexia. I have never paid to have anything re-chromed so I have no idea of cost range (or if this is practically even possible). I suppose I should just ask Paul Pratt as he was restoring Faema on google search.

Why not restore Lambro myself?
Same reason why I am not a surgeon. Mainly it is too little time and too many hobbies. Espresso/coffee is not my favorite hobby/interest/obsession (though the Boss would beg to differ :D ).

Why am I looking at Lambro?
* I LOVE my Cremina but it's steaming is slow. If I have a Lambro, I could potentially just go to one machine (currently Alexia is mainly used as steamer).
* Lambro build quality is apparently vintage Cremina-like per private messaging to a fellow H-B member.

I don't need two group (so no Faema President) unless for some reason they are much cheaper than Lambro.

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Postby TomC » Feb 17, 2017, 11:52 am

As long as you have the necessary hook-ups, I can't imagine a world where the Faema Lambro isn't a good idea. I've seen those listings, they certainly are better looking machines than the Faema lever units that have bulkier cases (one I had and sold).

As to chroming, I would suggest that you get what you pay for. If you go with the cheapest place, you may find your hard to replace parts tossed in a box and shipped to Mexico, where a lot of cheap plating is done, bypassing the stricter emissions regulations here in the USA that shuttered so many chroming facilities. A good shop will properly remove small blemishes and scratches before starting the plating process. That takes time and costs more.

When I rechromed some parts for an old Gaggia, I found one place in San Jose, which was one of the last "grandfathered in" places in the bay area that were allowed to do chroming. It's not illegal, it's just that the regulatory requirements and stuff, make it very hard to do business and make a profit.

I think they look amazing when shined up. Most of the ones that come to mind are so scuffed up, they're almost brushed stainless appearing, so it would be cool to see a gleaming example.

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Postby mdmvrockford » Feb 18, 2017, 1:20 pm

This Faema rabbit hole is quite deep and more expensive than modern high-end prosumer machines.

OK it appears on my rudimentary search for similar Faema lever group, the Lambros were not originally chromed (my absolute requirement ). And if I am going to spend this much coin I want it to look the way I like it (chromed mirror reflection).

In reviewing PM message of pictures and videos of a beautiful restored Faema Urania which appears to be sold originally chromed. There is also this thread by Paul Pratt
Faema Urania 1st Series restoration

Google search and this appears to be a representative price.

I can afford this if I rearrange priorities for my other hobbies. I just made a proposal to Boss: sell existing Cremina and Alexia and SuperJolly . She said it is very pretty and classic look and surprised I showed her such an old machine. She knows I like modern consumer products (E.g. I test drove for one hour each 911 Carrera S and then Cayman S. I hated the former). Then when she saw the price, it was the "oh no *&$!ing-way in hell" look. I pick my battles and this one is dead in the water :cry:
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