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Arafel wrote:To give arguments against this point:

For Decent:
1) God-awful ugly
2) Can't steam and pull a shot at the same time
3) loud and god-awful sounding pump

For Breville:
1) god-awful looking
2) build quality is not in the same class as the LMLM
3) can't plumb it in
Aesthetics and pump nose aside - which is subjective - all of your responses are correct. They do not however address the point that was being made. Both of the listed machines offer far more in the way of features than the LM, with better thermal stability at a much lower price.


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They do not, in fact, offer better thermal stability. LMLM is pretty much the cream of the crop in that regard,


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I can tell you first hand the BDB is toe to toe with the best for temp stability, and plenty have scace'd to prove. I've scace'd my machines except the BDB as I don't know where it is now packed up, Scace that is. I've had Slayer modded BDB and had a modded GS3, the BDB is ridiculous accurate and temp stable even on long pulls. I got the thing as a temp hold over machine with move since couldn't plumb currently, we even did side by side with Decent and buddies actual Slayer.


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manojrc wrote:Dear All,

After going through many HB posts and countless YT videos, finally decided to go for LMLM.
My earlier favourites were Bianca and Profitec 700, but I now prefer the elegance and simplicity of LMLM, though I can't really justify paying a significant premium over a Bianca. Heard rumors from some random site that LM may bring a Linea Mini with Flow Control feature later this year. Now please convince me not to get an LMLM..I know it's expensive, offers less value, no flow profile option, no shot timer etc. But still why do folks buy these machines? Thanks..
You are paying for the premium. La marzocco is La marzocco. Waking up to one is the dream! Buy something you will know you will enjoy using.

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And if you get to Italy, Florence specifically, be sure to make arrangements to tour the La Marzocco factory. It was definitely one of the <many> high points when we were there...including getting to meet and shake Piero's hand. I sort of felt like a traitor when I opted for the Slayer instead of a Strada.
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I've always found the build quality argument against the BDB sort of strange, it's not like the internal components are made of pencil shavings and it's generally easy to maintain yourself. You're objectively paying a premium for the name. Even the parts are sold at a premium. I saw someone say this machine is the iPhone of the espresso world and that's exactly how I feel about it. You can pay a lower price for more features and generally the same "cup performance" but you lose the status symbolism and polished look. Nothing wrong with doing the that if that's what you value.

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The request seems to fall into two categories, essentially restated as, provide argument for not purchasing a LMLM, and also justify the same. I'll bite on the former request, but please recognize I may not personally share the complaint.

Grouphead visibility may not be to your liking. True saturated and e-61 groups might be more intuitive for locking in the portafilter.

The manufacturer offered customization is focused on aesthetics, as opposed to function. Depending on your desire for and comfort with modification, this may be concerning for you.

The lights on the front may be too bright for your liking in a dark morning kitchen.

The paddle is just a fancy way to actuate a switch. Depending on your desire for "transparency of engineering" this might bug you.

"Mini", while relevant to the scale of commercial Lineas, may not compare well with other home machines. There are certainly smaller and more portable machines.

Finally, the very price and existence of (combined with the focus on) the machine may be a hindrance to great coffee. If one uses most of their equipment budget on the LMLM, and neglects to pair with a similarly positioned grinder or training they might be disappointed in the outcome.

I hope this is helpful for consideration.

manojrc (original poster)

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Thanks everyone for your valuable input. Unfortunately, you guys failed to convince me NOT to get the LMLM :D


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Hahaha, I knew it. Post pics when you get it!

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Reason not to buy - the espresso won't be any different than a $1500 breville dual boiler, and you'll have less control with a stock lmlm.

If money isn't a concern, then value doesn't mean a whole lot.
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