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mwynne wrote:I was trying to parse out the differences between all their models. Looks like mostly a different burr set between the JE-Plus and JX-Pro? Definitely curious once you give it a go. it's definitely the nicest option so far, price-wise.
It's working well for me, so far. I have no idea how it would compare to the JE, but the JX seems to have a lot of positive reviews online that mirror my positive initial impressions. I've been pulling 3-4 shots a day on the robot with varying levels of success, but I don't think it's the grinder that's to blame when the espresso isn't as good.


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I've got a JX-Pro as well and it works great with my Flair or my BDB. I believe the big advantage of the JE is how easy it is to turn the handle. The Italimill burrs should just move easier, but I've also read that the grind speed is slower. For reference,grinding 18g of a medium roast is about 35s for me now. The most annoying part of a hand-grinder is learning how to get a hold of it. It's not like holding a jar to open because the motion comes all the way around.


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I've ordered a JX-Pro from - was great to find a Canadian distributor, way cheaper than any other options. Currently back ordered, but they're expected in the next day or two. Fingers crossed!