Conical espresso grinder upgrade help

Recommendations for buyers and upgraders from the site's members.

#1: Post by jaybelknap »

I like a traditional style medium dark to dark roast. Bright flavors are not really my thing I don't really anticipate moving that way in the future. I am trying to narrow down options for a future upgrade from my decade old Baratza Virtuoso preciso. I hesitate considering a hand grinder so for electric grinders. Mostly I am thinking niche zero or Baratza sette 270. I want this upgrade to last another 10 years ideally. I am leaning sette 270 just for the customer service aspect. However if the quality is there I would consider jumping ship to another manufacturer. Also I use a hopper and purge before grinding so single dosing isn't currently part of my workflow though I'm not against the idea.

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#2: Post by mgwolf »

Hi Jay,
I have a Niche and never used a Sette although I've had a Virtuoso. For your coffee preferences, Niche would be excellent. Two factors other than taste to consider are: Noise and workflow. The Niche has a low-pitched grinding sound which is quite easy to deal with. By all accounts, the Sette is loud/obnoxious. Second, the workflow on the Niche is really nice. I've used many other grinders and the Niche is by far the smoothest and least messy of any of them. Build quality seems good and there don't seem to be many reports of failures/repairs on them.


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Budget? Considering Niche is likely 50% more expensive, I'd go with that if it allows. Extra bucks(pounds?) well spent :)