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#11: Post by Mikk »

The PK100 burrs look very similar to the standard EK burrs. I had an idea once that maybe EK burrs could be fitted to a modded PK, however found a few issues that would need to be overcome first-
-PK/EK burrs appear to be the same inner/outer diameter
-PK burrs are blind with 4 screws, EK is not blind with 3 screws (shouldn't be to tricky to mod the PK burr mounts to suit?)
-PK rotates in a different direction to the EK. Shouldn't be too hard to reverse the direction of a single-phase motor?
-Lower burr mount grind sweepers on the PK would need to be modded to sweep the right way when the motor direction is reversed.

It'd be nice to have the option of trying the many aftermarket EK burrs, and since a used PK is probably about half the price of a used EK, might be a worthwhile project for somebody?!


#12: Post by TheodorAdorno »

Hi Mikk,

After more use of the PK100 are you still happy with its performance?

What's it like for pour over brews and any updates on your siphon brewing with it?

Thanks in advance!


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#13: Post by Mikk »

Still very happy using it for espresso only.

RDT not strictly necessary however the benefits outweigh the slight inconvenience of a single spray.

Something important I've found is that using a blind shaker instead of the supplied catch cup has made a large difference to the quality of the extraction- both visually (from the bottomless PF) and tastewise. WDT was used each way. Still trying to come up with an explanation regarding this...


#14: Post by Prodigy » replying to Mikk »

I can't imagine using a different catch cup could change the quality of a shot? I'm very curious to see your thoughts on why this may be happening.


#15: Post by Mikk »

I don't know. The grind speed is super fast, so guessing that the distribution of fines/boulders isn't ideal until after being shaken in the tumbler?
Just speculation.


#16: Post by cpoteet »

Any insight into the PK100 Lab burr alignment process and degree of alignment? I appreciate any information you might have on this topic.


#17: Post by Mikk »

Coffee Forum UK has some new info on PK alignment.

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#18: Post by Marmot »

Have you considered the Ditting Lab Sweet with cast iron burrs? You can get either the 804 or 807 or get a used KR804 and put in the cast iron burrs yourself. I have other large steel burr grinders (also a Ditting 1203) but they all can not beat the Lab Sweet both in espresso or filter brew.


#19: Post by cpoteet »

Mikk wrote:Coffee Forum UK has some new info on PK alignment.
There is a lot of great information on the PK100 Lab at Coffee Forum UK. Thanks for the tip, Mikk!