Compact grinder recommendations

Recommendations for buyers and upgraders from the site's members.
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#1: Post by drH »

Hi all,

I'm trying to decide on a grinder upgrade (or change) to meet a few requirements. My current setup is a LMLu with a Super Jolly VPro. Overall I'm happy with the combination and the flavors from the Mazzer. The only issue is that the SJ is big for my space. My cabinets are low and I am using a Weber tumbler/doser as a hopper. It's a bit awkward reaching up under the cabinet lip to fit it on.

Anyway, I'm looking for something smaller but equal or better in the cup. I like medium to dark roasts so the Mazzer burrs seem excellent for that. A thick rich unctuous espresso is what I aim for.

My options seem to be:
Acacia Orbit - same burrs as the SJPro but should I bother shelling out for only improved workflow?
Mazzer Philos - same issue. Though I love Mazzer quality so this is a contender.
Weber Key - interesting possibility. How would this taste with med/dark roasts compared to the SJ?
Kafatek MC6 - other than the Philos, this would be my top choice. One thing holding me back is the concern that the shurikone burrs may not be aimed at the thick chocolate shots I'm looking for.

Any thoughts? Am I better off going manual and getting an HG1Prime?

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#2: Post by jgood »

if you're considering a conical like the HG 1 perhaps the Niche should go on the list....

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#3: Post by TallDan »

If the kafatek fits your criteria (looks, price,etc), I really doubt you will be disappointed.

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#4: Post by Jeff »

I'd hold off for the Philos and the new Mazzer burrs. It has the potential to hit your goals better than other choices. If it doesn't, the MC5/6 is a solid choice.

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#5: Post by BaristaBoy E61 »

Based on your criteria, I'd choose the Kafatek MC6 - hands down!
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#6: Post by StoicDude »

LaMarzocco Pico?

Seems like it would go well what you are expecting/wanting.

I personally would go with Mazzer Philos, but thats my personal, biased, choice.

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#7: Post by andlum »

I am considering the Philos to replace my Niche. As you asked for a "compact" grinder, the Philos looks quite a bit bigger than a Niche for example; not exactly compact. Being 35cm deep, it will occupy a good amount of space on your counter.