Coffee scale 10cm wide x 1.5cm thick (4" w x 0.6" h)? - Page 2

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lagoon wrote:I'll second the Brewista II

Well priced, robust and reliable.
And substantially slower than the lunar.
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pizzaman383 wrote:And substantially slower than the lunar.
OP already indicated that was too expensive. It's nearly 3 times the price.

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I've had this budget coffee scale/timer for about 6 weeks, and I'm quite pleased with it.
Dimensions: 20mm H x 115mm W x 135mm L, max weight: 3kg, resolution: 0.1g
Runs on built-in rechargeable battery (or two AAA batteries).
Operates in manual and auto mode: tares cup, starts timer when pour begins, stops timer when remove cup.
Price: $20 (currently on sale for $16)

auto tare/timer scale on left, manual tare/timer V60 scale on right