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Ad-85 wrote:I just got p64 few months back and the alignment on the new version sucks. I recommend g64 chinese copy for espresso and fellow ode 2 for pour over and you still save money even if you get 2 ssp sets on top of those grinders.
That's a bold statement backed up by literally no evidence other than your anecdote. You are honestly the first person I've ever seen complaining about the P64 alignment.

The alignment on my P64 I got last month was absolutely perfect. Full wipe on both burrs. Poor alignment can be caused by not putting the top burr carrier back in the factory/consistent position. The top burr carrier can fit in one of three positions. After I removed mine when I got the grinder, I realized I failed to mark the factory position first, and went through the marker test until I found the position that produced 100% wipe. I marked that carrier position with a permanent marker and have been good to go since then.

They state right on their website: "Each critical component on Lagom P64 is specified to a tolerance of ± 0.02mm or better. In combination with the unique unibody design, the tolerance accumulation is kept to a minimum to allow for highest precision on each Lagom P64. More importantly, the alignment is permanent and the grinder can be dismantled and reassembled without worrying about losing its alignment."


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Yoda wrote:Yes, you are right, when it comes to burrs, I had a chance to try SSP MP, and I am quite set on going for them, as they produce the clarity I am looking for - so I would love to get a grinder, where I can fit them :)

My understanding was, based on what I have read that the DF64 is mainly espresso-based, so tbh I so not considering it at all.

Because currently I rarely switch from pour overs to espresso (mainly on the weekends), one grinder would be already a big step up for me, when suited with SSP MP.
The biggest issue with Ode that I have, is that once I upgrade my espresso setup, I would not be able to use it, and I would start looking for another grinder - luxury, as you called it, but the P64/Orbit are a huge step up, and also very pricy.

Would you have any recommendations/suggestions for a flat burr grinder, that could occasionally do espresso, but not as expensive as P64?
I'd be looking to see if the Zerno goes back on sale soon. That looks real solid for around 1100 dollars Or maybe one of the Timemore sculptors.


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Glad that your grinder is performing as it should. I tried all 3 rotations of the upper carrier and MP burrs marker test was a bit disappointing. I got far better results with their Mizen burrs today which is puzzling? MP was factory installed.
You should check the OO's thread on the EA discord server. I saw a few people not having 100% wipe with their MP's. OP asked for recommendations and I shared my experience! I wonder if I should run my user experience by you before sharing it next time?
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Ad-85 wrote: I wonder if I should run my user experience by you before sharing it next time?
No, but rather than giving a blanket statement that an entire product line sucks, you could just stick to your own personal experience. Maybe the alignment issues you had stem from the burr and not the grinder itself. Granted, it's disappointing that the grinder came that way from the factory, but sh** happens. Maybe Option-O is testing the alignment of the carriers prior to burr installation, and assuming burr manufacturers have already done QC checks? I have no idea. Did you contact Option-O?

The P64 is generally regarded to be one of the best grinders on the market right now, especially for the price. There's not many options above it. Moving to a cheaper grinder like the DF64 is certainly not going to increase your chances of better precision and alignment.


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I still think you should check the EA discord server (it's not just my grinder). I recommended G64 which is a Chinese copy of the p64 and not DF64. If you get a 100% wipe then the P64 is definitely worth the price and long waiting time. G64 is sitting on Lance Hedrick's bar for sometime now (you can see it in the back of his recent videos on YouTube). A few of my friends got it and they're liking the results. I bought P64 despite my friends' advice against it for the same reason you stated (getting the best 64mm grinder). I like everything about OO and their products but the marker test made me skeptical of their QC (you can check my previous replies on other threads where I speak highly of them and I still do! And perhaps you're right about the burrs QC! I've never thought of that? Perhaps I got a warped burr?). I'll keep P64 and try Mizen for a while before trying other 64mm burrs. I got a better wipe with Mizen today which made me feel a lot better about the grinder.
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Chinese copy of the p64
Everybody must decide for him/herself whether buying a copy sounds like a good advice. I think it is at least worth to carefully think about whether one actually wants to support that.
I got a better wipe with Mizen today which made me feel a lot better about the grinder.
Which seems to imply the SSP burrs were manufactured slightly imprecise and Option-O did not sufficiently do QC on this part.

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I use SSP MP
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I am not convinced by the Chinese Copies - it might not be easy to get any support, and I am not a fan of supporting companies shamelessly copying someone else work.

Zerno not easy to get, especially a EU version.
gongfugang wrote:Mizen
How are they for the espresso?