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Not sure if this is the best place to post...
I need a coffee cart for my kitchen.
It will hold a Lelit Bianca, Atom 75, knock box, etc.
Also would like to build in a drain and a 'rinse box'.
What do you all have? pictures please! Brands and where to buy, please!

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Kaffee Bitte

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I am presently waiting on the same purchase. I have already decided but I do love seeing what others are doing with their setups.

Something to watch out for is the weight loads of the top and various shelves etc. I assume many of the wheeled versions would not hold up long-term under heavy espresso equipment. Figure how much it needs to hold and make sure your cart has a good bit of max weight above what you will be putting on it Don't want thousands of dollars of equipment collapsing to the floor.
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Either of you willing to do stainless steel?

Here's some mechanics

Espresso Cart - Goodbye Plumbed In
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techmaster (original poster)

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IF you do not need filtration (I already have pure water to pour into the system), what would I remove from this setup? (just need to pump and drain water.)
I'm thinking it's the holding tank? or is that providing pressure?

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There is no filtration here. I add 4 gallons to the holding tank about every three weeks. I then add "water stock" to add alkalinity and hardness.

If you're machine can draw from a tank you don't need the pump and accumulator. If it needs line-pressure this is everything you need.
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So why stainless? Super easy to clean and super strong if you buy it correctly. You can put it on heavy duty casters as well. Currently the espresso machine isn't but my roaster is. This is the one for the espresso machine roughly $300. 16 gauge is enough but you can go 14.

Note that I drilled it to have the drain hose under the machine. Not an issue with a special bit.

Side View - I roast so the bag is fun to have.

Front view - the white board was originally going to be for mounting a TV that would have a slideshow running, but we opted for high quality coffee cherry images instead. My two Bengal cats like to rearrange them so sorry for the tilt. The board is high quality plywood painted white. Top of Slayer shipping crate on the side of my roaster table.

Work area view. That is Brazilian agate under the prep area. Dosing rack custom made. Haven't cleaned up yet today.
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