Choosing a portafilter for La Pavoni Europiccola

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I have a millennium la pavoni europiccola, and I am trying to find a bottomless/naked portafilter for it. There are many, many options, and they all have very different prices and seemingly negligible differences. What am I missing? Here are some that I'm considering:
  1. The frequently recommended creativewerk option $80
  2. NAKED portafilters $100
  3. BPlus $91 (The BPlus tamper gets recommended frequently)
  4. Espresso Shop $34
What accounts for the price difference in these? Which one is recommended? FWIW, I'm thinking of getting the BPlus tamper because it's supposed to have the best tolerances, so I'm concerned any other aftermarket basket might not fit with that tamper (but that could be putting the cart before the horse).


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The last two on your list are chromed, and the first two are milled Stainless Steel. Any aftermarket basket will fit any of these portafilters, though the rounded bottom of #4 may limit you from using very deep baskets.

I would pick a sturdy stainless one like #1, #2, or the one from coffee-sensor, which are all of high quality. I chose the creativewerk for my premil, as I like the look of the flat/wide bottom edge.

BTW, BPlus shipping to the US is not cheap.

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There's three common different 'kinds:'
1. La Pavoni bottomless portafilter that will take the IMS very big basket; this is the one in the bplus listing that you linked to. More info: ... h-larger-b
2. La Pavoni bottomless portafilter that will NOT take the IMS very big basket - this is the $34 one you linked to; and
3. Clones of the no-longer-available Richard Penny bottomless portafilter (Creativewerk, NAKED, etc.) - which will take the big baskets.

(IMS very big basket: ... millennium )

Note some price differences will be due to a basket being included versus not included.

Besides the above, the Cafelat bottomless/spouted portafilter is probably the "best" one available now.
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me (original poster)

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@baldheadracing why is the cafelat the "best"?

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It can be used spouted or bottomless and the stainless steel spouts and base are much easier to clean than the factory portafilter.

It has about the highest build quality for the price when compared to the dozen or so portafilters that I have for various machines. (My Cafelat is 58mm; I have a Richard Penny for my pre-mill Europiccola.) However, you can't taste build quality.

I myself would go for the $34 one (which I suspect is priced low as I think that model is discontinued), as I would never use the super-large basket that the portafilter cannot accommodate.
-"Good quality brings happiness as you use it" - Nobuho Miya, Kamasada


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I own both the Cafelat and the Creativework bottomless Premil PFs. IMHO, there is no comparison in quality. The Cafelat, has a high polish chrome plating, but is flimsy in comparison, and is way deeper than necessary, which limits available depth for cup/scale, and compromises your view of the extraction. The modular spouted bottom is a unique and very clever feature, but one I never use, as a the shots are too small to split on a machine like an LP. The Creativework PF is milled SS, has some real heft, and is beautifully made. It is deep enough to be level with a 14-16g basket, but will accommodate any size basket.

Yes, I agree that you can not taste a PF, and a lot of this is personal preference. The cheapest way to go is to hack off your stock PF.