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#11: Post by yertchuk »

I went through several cheap scales and they all had problems: response time for some, drifting for others, etc. Finally gave up and bought an Acacia Lunar. No problems since.

Maybe I had bad luck with the cheap ones, but happy now.


#12: Post by luvmy40 »

cebseb wrote:How do you like your brewista? I had one previously but was very frustrated with its response rate.
It works fine for me. It is slow to respond compared to the $200. scales. I just have the anticipation figured out and can get within .2 g of my target yield most times. Honestly, I don't taste much difference +/- .5 g.


#13: Post by logjames »

Not beware of, more like be aware of.

For the last year, I've been using a Greater Goods Digital Pocket Scale. It's a no frills ~$15 scale with 0.1 gram precision, 750 g capacity, and fast enough response. It's super slim and is probably great for machines with low cup clearance...think Gaggia Classic. Definitely low cost and high value and totally worth it.

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#14: Post by wrichad3 »

For beans I got a jewelers scale off eBay for $7 that has lasted years. Handy for small stuff.
My baking scale was an $11 which does well for coffee
now <$10
I want one with a timer now
I know I may be buying twice, but it lets me know what features I really need , sort of proof of concept.
I throw a piece of plastic over it when exposed to the water, since some of my portafilters drip and spray.
One more jolt, Warden. He's still twitching.


#15: Post by boren »

cebseb wrote:$25 Bluetooth capable scale! I have it and it's been rock solid. Response time is fast.

Reflex 500g / 0.01g Digital Pocket Wireless Smart Food Kitchen Scale Grams and Ounces USB Rechargeable, Portable, Accurate, Metal Stainless Steel Surface, Keto Calculator, Baking, Counter, Reloading ... UTF8&psc=1
Is the flow rate display in the app easy to read? I have the Timemore Black Mirror Nano and the flow rate display updates too frequently (about 10 times per second), making it difficult to read while pulling the shot.

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#16: Post by Ken5 »

LewBK wrote:Even the Acacia scales says, "water resistant," not "water proof" so spilled coffee or water can still damage them.
For those that have the Lunar and perhaps did not read the warranty, the scale is under warranty for 2 years including water damage. States so on the acaia webpage under the scale description, but does not mention it in the manual.

Screenshot from webpage...

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#17: Post by Jeff »

The things I check with a cheap scale before I buy it or when I get it from a vendor that allows "Free Returns" are:

* Does it use AAA or AA batteries so I can use Eneloop rechargables (no coin/button cells)?

* Is the auto-shutoff time sufficiently long, or can be disabled?

* Can the scale be calibrated?

* Does a hot cup cause the scale to drift excessively? If so, does a silicone or cork coaster "fix" it?

* What is the sensitivity? If I add 0.1 g to the platform, does it reliably increase a division?

* Is it reasonably linear? If I put a couple hundred grams of weight on it and then add a 50 g or 100 g cal weight, does it go up by that amount?

* Is it reasonably fast? If I put a weight onto the platform, how long does it take to settle down?

I've returned a couple over the years as they've miserably failed one or more of those tests. I don't remember which ones.