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buckersss wrote:I like the small spatula idea. Any chance you remember where you got it?
Bought at Canadian Tire as a mini set. Here is the link:
https://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/mini ... 4316p.html

The smallest one worked the best. I trimmed the side a little as visible from the photo.


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Thanks for the review. Did you try it with the lighter roast? I'm on the fence of getting the e37sd too but I saw some reviews for e37s that light roast beans would get easily stalled. I wonder if e37sd has the same problem...

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I have been using beans that I would consider Light-Medium. I added an image below to try and remove subjectivity. I have read similar stalling accounts but have not faced these issues myself. Initially I did experience some clogging of the chute, but that was me pouring a lot of beans at a time during the seasoning but it has drastically improved after the initial ~2kg of beans. For my single dose workflow I have been "pouring" the beans in with the grinder already turned on. For the price & availability I was willing to take the risk. I will report back if I start to experience stalling.