Casadio Deici 1 Group for home use?

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Somebody is offering me 3 month old Casadio Deici 1 Group machine for 1k in like new conditions. I know that it is a commercial machine, but if used at home, can i pull same quality espresso as say, ECM or Bezzera? What is the difference between "commercial" and "prosumer" machines? Is it worth it?


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Can't see where they make a one group machine. Looks like only two or more groups and 220V. You sure that's what it is?



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I had a single group 120v 20 amp unit for a little while. It was too big for my kitchen (it's a lot bigger than it looks in picture). Seemed to be made well and I'm sure it makes great coffee, but never got to actually try it.

Sold it, but it was destroyed in shipping. I now have the carcass sitting in my basement. So if you buy it and need spare parts let me know. :wink:


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Thank you so much. I have Quick Mill Monza Eva Deluxe superautomatic and it is already big. If this one is even bigger, i have no chance to use it in my kitchen! On facebook people also sell one group faema enova A1 and royal syncro, all in 1k range. Beside the size, do they have any other disadvantages compare to the prosumer models?