Can't decide between La Marzocco Linea Micra vs Lelit Bianca vs Decent

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#1: Post by coolguy121 »

I know, I know....

Those three are quite different machines, but pricing is somewhat in the same range (for US market)

First of all, thanks for the time to read through this post.

Having a decision paralysis at the moment.

LM has the tank-like build quality. Shot in shot out seems to always be consistent.
Bianca is a bit less stable depending on how long it was left on just because of the E61 nature. Probably need a bit of flushing after sitting a long time.
Decent is very stable but feels less well-built, relatively speaking when compared even to Bianca. Functionality is above and beyond. Lever style, blooming, slayer, etc. is possible.

Would appreciate your view on these three machine and which one you would go for personally :)

Having a hard time to pick.

Thanks much!

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It's entirely about you; not the last whisker of machine features.

The Micra is a hands off machine. You walk up to it, make your shot, and walk away. If you don't want to fuss; this is your machine.

The Bianca is a hands on machine. Instead of working a lever, you work a paddle. But you are still working the shot. If you like improvising, this is your machine.

The Decent is a programmed machine. You can fine tune your coffee to the nth degree. If you enjoy spending a week dialing in the perfect shot, this is your machine.
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#3: Post by BaristaBob »

And you will pocket a few hundred dollars with the Bianca vs. the Micra. That money can go toward a first class grinder, if you need one.
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#4: Post by HH »

I'm not sure where you got the idea that the Decent is less well built. It's an exceptionally well-built machine made from thick powder-coated steel, glass and ceramic. I have no complaints!

My perspective having used a Linea Mini, not a Micra, is that the La Marzocco will get you a delicious espresso pretty much every time you use it. The downside is that you have very little ability to tweak or adjust the brewing process for different roast levels or to bring out different aspects of the beans you are using. That may not be something you want to do however, in which case I would strongly recommend it based on my usage of a Linea Mini.

The DE1 is also excellent at making delicious espresso. It is a little more demanding of puck prep, but gives you a wealth of options to change and play with. You can really do a deep dive on the coffee to get the most out of it. It also lets you do filter coffee and tea from the same unit. If you or a significant other just wants to walk up and pull a shot without messing around with graphs you can do exactly that. The tablet can be put in a drawer out of the way without any issue. It works with a single button press and can stop gravimetrically with a connected Bluetooth scale. You also have full manual control of the shot with the Group Head Controller, just like you would do with a lever or manual profiling machine.

I haven't used a Bianca, so please take my opinion here with a heavy pinch of salt. From reading lots about it it seems like a good entry point into pressure profiling, and punches above its weight in terms of features for the money it costs.


#5: Post by Daniel »

I also recently went through this difficult choice and was hesitating between the Micra and the Bianca.

Decent was not an option mainly because I wanted to have a tactile experience making coffee which is as important for me as drinking it (did not want to make a coffee with a computer). Noise of this machine was also horrible imo and price here in Europe was twice the price of the Bianca.

I opted for the Bianca because of the higher ceiling this machine has vs the LM. I am able to grow with it and the machine offers more tweaking possibilities than the LM (flow control on the fly,preinfusion, low flow ...). Another reason not going withe the LM was the very small space between the portafilter and the drip tray once you use a scale and a cappuccino cup.

Eventhough the LM's build quality is undeniably better than the Bianca (which is also very well built and solid), I found that I would be bored by the limited possibilities of the LM after a year or so.

To summarize, the Bianca offers you more possibilities to grow as a barista and is very well built even though it does not have the brand bling of the LM. Very happy with my choice


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I too was debating these (Bianca vs Micra). I went with the Micra for a few reasons.

1) it fits better under the cabinet - there would have been no way to use the warming tray with the height of the Bianca, and may have been a pain to fill the tank. As a trade off fewer cups fit in its short cup area but turns out to be more than enough for the cups I like.

2) Fast warm up. Even though the Bianca is relatively fast for the type of machine it is, it still is much longer than the Micra, where I can basically turn it on any time and have it ready while I'm preparing the shot.

3) I like the auto on timer of the Micra. I know a smart plug add on can offer the same, I like how it works in tandem with the auto standby as well. An external timer is probably not going to be able to shut the machine off automatically after your last shot. Also we are seeing other features pop up too like Acaia scale integration - this was totally unexpected and I can't wait to try it out.

Also of note is that if I got the Bianca it would not have been the plain stainless. The cost of the colored is closer to that of the Micra so less savings.

I love the machine, it turned out to be a great decision. I find I have enough to tweak and play with between preinfusion, fine temp control, pressure adjustment, all of the puck prep stuff.

I don't think you can go wrong with any of these, just a matter of finding the one that fits your style and preferences.


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Dont forget the saturated group of the Micra. Sound of the pump is sweet. Extractions are sweet. I believe that an E61 group can never hit the level of extractions a LM group can do.

The other day I helped a friend replacing some parts of his Decent. I would say the machine is well built. It just doesnt look like an espresso machine on the inside. Lots of wires, pcb's etc. It does make delicious light roast espressi.

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#8: Post by JR_Germantown »

espressoren wrote:and may have been a pain to fill the tank.
The Bianca's tank is separate, and can be attached to the rear, or either side. Or left off completely if plumbed in.


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Yes it is. It is separate until you decide which side to clamp it to. You'd also need to be creative in figuring out how to fill the tank if the machine is under cabinet as it would be very hard to fill from the top, and removing the reservoir takes some work. At least it would have been for me, figuring out how to fill it from the top with 2" of head room. Maybe a funnel with a hose attached would be a nice tool to have on hand for the job.

Plumb in of course is a different story, there is no tank to fill.