Can the Niche Zero do French Press? - Page 2

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#11: Post by mivanitsky »

Yes, but burr design has an impact too, albeit less than alignment (within reason), and this of course does affect particle distribution.

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#12: Post by Prescott CR »

Thanks for the posts on this, I'm experimenting myself with the Niche and Espro.

With espresso I'm in the 6-12 range (using a Decent and VST baskets, so pretty fine grind setting for the profiles I'm doing). For the Espro I undid one complete turn and left it on 10. 1oz to 18oz water, 4 minutes which includes 30 seconds of a 4oz first step / pre-wet to make sure everything is soaked. Water temp is likely around 201°F as I'm at an elevation where it will boil at 202ish.

Originally I was suspicious that would be way too fine, but I must say - I was wrong. Bright, sweet, full, thick, everything is there from my espresso blend. I guess it could be thicker but that's a good start.

Plunging was do-able but a little slow going.

This will make a good combo to bring to coffee shops when trying to sell coffee. A whole lot easier to drag around with me than the EK!

FWIW- I originally tried two complete un-screws of the grind setting dial, even at 6 minutes it felt weak but still a lot of character. The one time around setting is much better. This discussion saved me a lot of time and beans!


#13: Post by JohnTarr »

PrescottCR - how do you make large adjustments when it seems like the dial only goes partway around? If you need something near the 12 o'clock position, how do you repeatably return to that position later?

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#14: Post by Prescott CR » replying to JohnTarr »

Well, I haven't had any problem going counter-clockwise with it making sure to turn the metal ring and not the dark plastic ring with the white dot alone. That ring will unscrew completely, so one or two complete turns shouldn't be a problem. Is yours catching on something maybe? Or were you turning the other direction?

As long as I *remember* that I did a complete 360° turn I can un-do it fine. You may want to run the grinder with nothing in it for a bit to get every little bit out in between making big adjustments. So far I have been able to return to my espresso numbers with no issues.

Does that help at all?