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I'm new here and to the world of espresso. I'm considering buying a slightly used Expobar Leva (I think it's a dual boiler model, based on how it looks. It has two pressure gauges on the right hand side of the group head and the oval PID on the left side). The seller says its been tested recently, and that it's working well. I can get the machine for about 720$/£510. It was bought new in 2019 and used for a couple of months at a café before being put into storage because they needed a machine with greater capacity.

I have gotten the impression that several people are having issues with their Levas, but as far as I can tell, that has tended to be the HX model. Given that I was considering buying a new Rancilio Silvia V6, the Leva would be a slight price reduction for hat seems like a considerably better machine.

Does this purchase seem like a big risk to anyone?

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I believe it's a renamed Brewtus IV which is quite a nice if slightly outdated E-61 group double boiler. My Brewtus is 10 years old and still works fine. The PIDs on the later ones like that one seem to have the occasional display problem, but other than that it's all standard generic espresso machine parts. Maintain it right and it should last almost forever.


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Oeysteinlo (original poster)

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Great, thanks!

Any opinion on the price? The seller says the price I stated is about 1/3 what she paid for it in 2019. Seems very low to me. I'm hoping I could re-sell it for at least the same amount if I find I don't like it.

And yes, as far as I'm able to tell, it's a Brewtus IV dual boiler

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If the condition is what's claimed, it seems like a good price. Figure you'll need to spend an additional $100. I would want to see it work if possible. Also, bring a set of Phillips screwdriver and metric hex wrenches to look inside.

And I would add, it's a reasonably simple machine to work on, but if you can't do the work yourself, it might be the wrong choice.

Ask where it's been stored and make sure the water in it never got a chance to freeze.


Oeysteinlo (original poster)

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I live in Norway, and as such, I'm pretty well protected from any big issues when the seller said it's been tested recently and that it's working fine.
I don't have any way to test it myself as the seller lives pretty far away.
I'm not experienced at fixing espresso machines, but I'm a seasoned hand at finding information online and putting it to use. I'm hoping I'll be able to find any issues and fix them myself.
You say I should expect to spend an additional $100. Anything specific you have in mind? Gaskets and other minor things?

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Group gasket, maybe pump or pump rebuild if it's been sitting for that long, possibly a E-61 rebuild kit if it was used a lot. None of that stuff is expensive if you figure out what it is and buy the generic versions.

If you commonly fix stuff, an espresso machine is pretty simple.


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The machine arrived just yesterday. I've been testing it a bit, and it seems the machine is working well enough so far. My tamper and milk jug hasn't arrived, so I've only attempted to brew once (by using my fingers to tamp :oops: ) Brew pressure went up to 10 bar or so, but I'm thinking I can dial that in better with a tamper and playing around with grind settings for a while. Steam pressure also seems to be working well and it stays powerful for a good while. The PID also looks okay. I think the group gasket is good too, at least after a preliminary examination, and after some consultation with the manual, as the portafilter locks straight forward (that's the test Expobar suggest for discovering a bad gasket, as well as brew pressure, I guess).

I was slightly wrong about the model, but that's a small benefit to the ease of use for me. It turns out to be the model with an internal tank and vibration pump, not with only water network connection.

So far so good, I'd say. I'm excited to see what further testing shows when the other stuff arrives.