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#1: Post by vcasa »

Hello everyone I am looking to replace a La Pasquina which has served me for seventeen great years. My local service tech said parts are hard to find. I currently own a Bartza sette 270 grinder and make 2-4 milk drinks a day. Cabinet space is an issue (17 in clearance). I would be using a reservoir. I was on Chris Coffee website and looking at Dream T as my replacement machine. We would prefer a double boiler and I am looking to the community for any suggestions and experience with this unit.

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#2: Post by jfrescki »

Well my Mini Vivaldi is still running strong after 11 years, although about five years ago I found my brew boiler element was touching the back of the boiler and causing failures. I fixed that by making a spacer out of the end plate on a failed element. I guess that's a pretty involved fix, but OTHER than that it's been smooth sailing. :D

But the innards must be very similar and Chris Coffee offers great support. I make effortless espresso day in and day out. I find (and I stress "I" since others use a higher dose) the 53mm portafilter really likes a 14g-15g dose, so if you intend/insist on updosing, you may want to reconsider.
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#3: Post by GregoryJ »

Now you can buy a module which remembers the power state (they call it Bluetooth timer). It's not actually a timer itself, bit allows you to use a smart outlet with the mini Vivaldi.

I don't know what other advantage the dream T has over the mini Vivaldi, and I'd prefer to set the on off schedule through my phone rather than machine touch screen.


#4: Post by pcdawson »

I don't think the blue tooth device you mention is necessary for the Dream T version. The machine has a built in timer as part of the other programmable functions.

I had a Vivaldi for about 8 years with no problems whatsoever. They are really great machines.

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#5: Post by greenbeans »

I've had a Dream T for about 3 yrs. I enjoy it very much. No problems at all. I like the touch screen controls that allow access to many functions although I can't say I've used too many of them.

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#6: Post by GregoryJ »

pcdawson wrote:I don't think the blue tooth device you mention is necessary for the Dream T version. The machine has a built in timer as part of the other programmable functions.
Yes, exactly. I'm saying the scheduler on the Dream T seemed like the main advantage to me, but now you can use a smart outlet with the Mini Vivaldi, so I'd save some money and go with the Mini Vivaldi.


#7: Post by daveR1 »

I bought my Dream T 3-1/2 years ago from Chris Coffee, have had no problems with it and am very satisfied.
I went with the tank fed T because hooking up a direct water line or Flo Jet would have been a real pain in my kitchen.The rotary pump of the direct fed version would be nice, I think because they are supposedly quieter than electric vibe pumps, also that would enable the programmable pre-infusion. I had Chris install the passive infusion tank on mine which I believe adds some limited benefits to the extraction.
I also have limited height to work with. My Dream T is 15-1/4" tall at its highest point.

vs: Vivaldi, I went for the Dream T because of the features the electronics offers.I feel that it's a more modern version of the Vivaldi design.
Using the touch screen:
1) You can switch to deg. F rather than C., so the PID can be set at the finer gradations of 1º F vs. 1º C.
2) You can save 4 different user profiles, each with different boiler PID temp & steam boiler temp, volumetric dosing, among others.
3) The firmware can be upgraded to bring new features, or improve existing ones.
4) Built-in multi-day timer so you can automate on/off cycles separately for every day of the week.
All in all those features (for me) were well worth the extra cost over the Vivaldi Mini.

BTW - I ran a new 20 amp dedicated circuit for the machine so that I can run it in full power mode rather than just brew boiler priority.

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#8: Post by drH »

I've considered this machine a few times during my espresso journey. Though I didn't buy it I did a lot of reading. My understanding is that it's a solid, proven platform. The fact that it's commercially rated is bonus that gave me confidence it would have been reliable.
I especially love the look of the versions with the wood paneling.

vcasa (original poster)

#9: Post by vcasa (original poster) »

Thank you to everyone who have responded.

I will run this on 15 amp plug. Has this been an issue for anyone ?

What other machines should I look at just for my own satisfaction that I have done a complete search. :D

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#10: Post by Jeff »

Chris Coffee has been a great dealer to work with over the years and has ... dream-sale

The Vivaldi units are in an interesting price range without a lot of competitors until you're into the upper $2,000s and into something like a Bianca/Synchronika/Pro 700 (the second two with the flow kit added).

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