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kidloco wrote:Wow. So Synchronika in Singapore is 4700 SGD, Bianca is around 3200-3300 SGD so for us is a 900+ USD difference.

Regarding the PID panel in order to go into temp change mode, you have to press to buttons at the same time, I always need to do at 2-3 times to go into the menu, and then if you do not react it goes out of the menu in like 1,5 seconds.
The Synchronika price is about right (after conversion). The Bianca used to be about that price (After conversion from what I have read), but their prices were raised significantly.

As a related note, I went ahead and placed an order for the ECM tonight. They threw in the flow control and a bottomless portafilter for the same price.


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I can only tell you my experiences with a Profitec 700 (ECM sister company and machine) and the Decent. I loved the pro 700 but my sister wanted it and so I ended up with a decent, lol. I could make awesome coffee with the 700, I was so confident that I didn't think a machine with a much bigger price could do much better. Great machine, great steam, very good temp stability and easy to use.

When I gave it away I could have chosen pretty much whatever to replace it. I chose the Decent. I have not been disappointed. I now make better coffee then the 700 for only the decent can run several different profiles. The decent doesn't make better espresso in E61 mode, but I have all the other profiles and variables that can't be matched by other machines.

I'd buy the 700 (synchronica) again, it's great and a good price. I am super happy with the Decent though, I probably won't need to upgrade anytime soon. I can see changing if another product came out with more innovation, but I really don't see that happening and being better then what I have, but who knows.

I think the Syncronica is slightly better then the 700, gauges are placed better and the metal is a little better finished then the 700.
Big 98mm flat grinder, been there done that, sold it. I’m happy now.

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HH wrote: To address a couple of issues, I would say the build quality is fantastic. It's really, really good! I'm not sure where the build quality concerns have come from, but I can't find any issues on my machine.
The quality concerns that I read about equated weight (or lack there of) to lower quality. I don't necessarily buy that... and if you take out 2 boilers, the weight will drop tremendously.

I went with the ECM for 2 main reasons
1 - I like the looks of the ECM much more and wanted to be able to steam and brew at the same time.
2 - I feel like the ECM will have a longer life span without becoming obsolete or needing upgrades. I could be completely wrong...but I am fearful I will need to start updating electronics after a few years (maybe 5-10). With the money the ECM costs, I hope it will be something I want to keep for a long time (20+ yrs) and perhaps add a 2nd machine down the road if I want more convenience. Or maybe I will pass it on to one of the kids down the road. I don't the the decent will last that long. Once again, I could be completely wrong.

Plus I am a latte drinker so fine tuning espresso is not overly important to me.

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My machine can brew and steam at the same time, the operator on the other hand . . . not so much.

have your ever tried this on a machine that steams in about the same amount of time a typical shot runs?


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Aflick wrote: I went with the ECM
Hey congratulations! You've gone for a great machine - make sure to post some pictures when it arrives!


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Funny I am in the exact same boat! My Rocket Cellini pump died and need backup better machine now.
Looking at ECM Synchronika, Bezzera Matrix, Della Corte Mina, La Marzocco Linea Mini, La Cimbali Junior DT1 Casa, and Quickmill Vetrano 2B Evo.

Super hard to choose! The La Marzocco LM and Della Corte Mina are more expensive but look awesome.


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I mean, these are all awesome machines that will allow you to brew better espresso more consistently than your Cellini. But I would stray away from the Linea Mini - it is simply bad value for money for a home machine!

It is built to work well in a small cafe - it is way overkill and under-featured for your home! It can also be quite expensive to repair and maintain...