Buy Mahlkonig K32S10 / 71 sight unseen auction

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#1: Post by buckersss »

I almost bought this grinder on auction sight unseen. Pictures of it made it appear in very good condition. I was bidding until the end and tapped out at $600USD (the sale price). That doesn't mean I would have gotten it for that price had I continued to bid. Based on the bidding history it could have climbed to $1000usd, but if I had to guess I expect $800USD would have sealed the deal.

Should I have kept bidding? Did I make a mistake? I have no real use for it, other than to increase my grinder collection.


#2: Post by SparrowBrewCo »

What auction site did you see it on? I purchased this yesterday for $597.50 CAD. I need it for our shop for customers to grind their own coffee, so I was willing to go fairly high on it. Benaco Auctions.

buckersss (original poster)
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#3: Post by buckersss (original poster) »

Haha well that's funny. Hope it works out well for you and it is in great condition. It looked like it was in top top shape, but I didn't go to a viewing.

Where is your shop? If I'm heading to St Jacobs one weekend in the summer I'll stop in and say hi!


#4: Post by SparrowBrewCo »

Please do! I'll pour you a cup of coffee. We're right off highway 401...basically first exit once you hit Cambridge. We make beer as well and supply Fat Sparrow group in St. Jacobs with both beer and coffee. I've bought a lot of things from Benaco and the pictures are always bad, so it's a little hit or miss sometimes with them. But generally everything is pretty good if it's newer. at 54 Guelph Ave, Cambridge.