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Recommendations for espresso equipment buyers and upgraders.
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Postby sweaner » Dec 05, 2018, 9:44 pm

Would you consider the OE Apex?
LMWDP #248


Postby taelvin » Dec 05, 2018, 10:46 pm

happycat wrote:Some other prerequisites to consider that I didn't see mentioned to match up with cafes:

1. Water filter
2. Brew ratio
3. Bloom and Stirring
4. PID kettle at diff temps
5. Brew timing and pulse pouring
6. Kinds of brew methods and filters

It's not clear whether you duplicate everything your favourite cafe does except your grinder or if there are other factors.

Hopefully this helps, let me know if I can answer further:
1.) I use only Crystal Geyser water in my espresso machine and brewing. I have been looking into the filtration system a local shop uses (because even though I buy the 1 gallon jugs the plastic consumption is painful even with recycling) but for right now the CG seems to be the best option.
2.) For a Hario V60 I aim for a ratio of 1.16 to 1.18 (typically weigh 21 grams of coffee and 340 grams of water); with Chemex I have been trying 1.15 to 1.16 (50 grams of coffee, 750-800 grams water). In the French press I use
3.) I allow 45 seconds for the bloom on the Chemex and do a 1-2 cycle stir just at the end of the 45 seconds before starting the pour. To start the bloom I apply 2x the weight of the coffee grind. I will add water in a circular motion moving out trying to avoid the filter edge when I see the wet grinds begin to sink back to a flat level (before it dips down). The Hario takes 3 minutes and the Chemex about 4:30.
4.) I use the Bonavita PID kettle and also the new Stagg EKG plus. Typically I start with a temperature 202-204 F and by the end of the pour it is around 198 F.
5.) I do use pulse pouring, I follow a circular pattern moving outward avoiding hitting the filter wall. I add water before the bloom starts to dip and judge my extraction at the end by a perfectly flat wet grind mass.
6.) I use French press, Chemex 6 cup, Hario V60, and Clever when not learning more on using my Profitec Pro (Espresso). Filters are the same my local shops use for the respective method. Chemex bonded filters or Filtropa #4 (environmental friendly cleansed, they are white). Always pre-wet the filters and then dispose of that water prior to brew (also helps pre-heat the glass and minimize temp flux)


Postby taelvin » Dec 05, 2018, 10:53 pm

sweaner wrote:Would you consider the OE Apex?

I have considered a hand grinder for traveling but for the home "coffee lab" I am just looking for electric grinders.


Postby namelessone » Dec 06, 2018, 3:46 am

You can try slightly lower brew ratio, i.e. 1:15 and maybe bit coarser grind? A coarser grind will produce less fines. For V60 I would stir the bloom and use 4-6 pours. Pours should be gentle not to kick up too much silt.

A cafe here that I visit regularly had its EK43 out of service so instead were using a Wilfa Svart (40mm conical burrs) for serving batch brew, and frankly I did notice a slighty difference but still the flavour notes were still very clear.


Postby JayBeck » Dec 06, 2018, 12:10 pm

I'd also look at the new Wilfa 58mm flat burr grinder devleoped by Tim Wendelboe:

It may be the new home / small shop brew grinder to beat.