Breville Barista Pro as my daily driver (compared to e61 HX)

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Recently had a problem with my e6 HX machine and put it out of commission. Deciding between adding barista pro or dual boiler.

Dual boiler seem redundant and the quick heat up of the barista pro seems nice.

Would the barista pro have enough stable temperature and adjust it to dial in the espresso then bring out the HX if I need to serve a group of friends?

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BaristaBoy E61

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Would you consider selling or trading up your present machine to a DB E61?

What would the pros & cons of that decision look like to you?
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j_bravo14 (original poster)

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That's not a bad idea. I can sell the HX later on after it gets fixed. I am the one fixing it by the way, it's a Salvatore automatic e61 that just needs a pump replacement. Internals the Salvatore is built like a tank! Copper pipes everywhere and no plastic tubing - albeit the annoying small drip tray, 30 minute warm up with no vacuum breaker.

Got a bambino for time being, makes good espresso and latte, but still with the annoying small drip tray and no back flush function - wet pucks. This considering upgrading to higher tier Breville.

Points of concern on the Brevilles
- would the barista pro be as durable as the dual boiler -both have 2 year warranty. Planning to use non scaling water so this should also help.
- would the brew temp adjustment on the barista pro actually work? Never had a machine with adjustable brew temp control.
- steaming and brewing at the same time is not a deal breaker, I can deal with the very small lag on the thermometer.


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Tear into that Salvatore and replace the pump and any other things that might need to be addressed. Personally there's no way I'd give that machine up to deal with anything less regardless of convenience, etc.

j_bravo14 (original poster)

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Yes, same sentiments here. It seems to be built to last forever. Can be handed down to your grand children!


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Coming up on 2 years with my Barista Pro. Had issues with the built-in grinder but I now use a separate one. Have not had any machine issues with brewing or steaming. Average about 4-6 pulls per day with a mix of singles and doubles. My tap water is fairly soft and I flush and de-scale when the machine suggests.

There are 5 temperature settings. The factory setting is in the middle and there are 2 cooler and 2 hotter options. These are relative settings and not specific degree settings. Breville did not publish the numbers but depending on who you believe online, the default is around 93F with each notch being between 1 and 2 degrees F.

I can't comment on the stability throughout the shot as I have never tried to measure that. All I can say is the relative temp adjustments do work as expected and shots are hotter/cooler depending on your selection.

j_bravo14 (original poster)

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Thank you for sharing your experience. This is exactly what I was looking for is confirmation that the temperature settings have an end result coffee of hotter or colder temperature.

Any machine heat-up / prep you do to bring it up to temp as the portafilter and group head does not really warm up?


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I prep everything I need for workflow and then run a blank shot into a shot glass just before I am ready to grind beans. The shot warms up the portafilter, shower screen, metal puck screen, and shot glass. I can't say whether or not it helps with stabilizing water temp though.

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Was able to fix up my Salvatore e61, added vacuum breaker, opv, working on adding a thermometer for the group and also did a full descale.

Had to relearn some of the quirks of the thermosyphon again, but it seems to hum like a muscle car at the moment. I've been able to pull shots with naked PF with no channeling all the time.

Maybe the 58mm + modulated 9bar opv has made a great improvement over the 54mm of the Breville bambino.

The addition of the vacuum breaker + smart plug timer made it up for the fast start up of the barista pro.

j_bravo14 (original poster)

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Tried using the Breville Barista Pro for a couple of days, and felt that the workflow is longer more cumbersome compared to the Salvatore E61 HX.

Breville Barista Pro - Workflow (using built in grinder)
Set brew temp to highest setting -> Run 2 blank shots to warm up PF and Cup -> Grind Coffee into PF -> WDT -> Tamp -> Flush to reheat brew head -> Set Brew temp back to desired temp (200) -> Hold button for pre-infusion -> Pull shot -> Release puck -> Flush group head to clean.

Salvatore E61 HX + Sette 270 - workflow
Flush water into cup until water dance stops -> Grind Coffee into PF -> Tamp -> Pull Shot -> Release Puck -> Flush group head to clean

When using the Barista Pro, I keep thinking that the brew temperature will always be lower due to the group head not saturated / heated compared to my E61. And 18grams on the the 54mm double basket seems to always be too full.

I did add a drain line to a waste container on the E61 to minimize the trips to empty the drip tray. With the Barista pro, I tend to have to empty the drip tray every after 2-3 shots with all the flushing I had to do to keep the group head+PF warm.

Oh and don't forget the stronger steam I get from the E61 HX.