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#1: Post by LVD »

Has anyone ordered a Bravo tamper recently? I sent an email to the address that others in this site have ordered from, but I never got a response. So, I'm just curious if anyone else has tried recently.

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#2: Post by Plinyyounger »

Sometimes he takes a while to respond. He also sometimes would rather not ship to the USA because of the contract with WLL.


#3: Post by Tzuyu »

Wood bravo tamp is now available at WLL, I just happen to search up the other day.


#4: Post by Titi »

I ordered from Gilberto last month, process was very smooth and delivery fairly quick (to France). Hope everything is OK.


#5: Post by mdreuben »

WLL is out until the end of the month, so I ordered it directly from Gilberto earlier this week. It just cleared customs and will be delivered Tuesday. Super nice guy with very fast communication.


#6: Post by LVD »

Thanks for all the replies. I sent an email 11 days ago and didn't hear anything. I didn't want to bother him again if something came up recently, so I wanted to check here before I tried again. I did also check WLL, but they're sold out, unless I saw it incorrectly.

Can someone confirm if this is the correct email address?

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#7: Post by jtferraro »

I purchased both a Distributor and Tamper from Gilberto and echo what others have said - wonderful experience all around. I think you waited long enough and may want to simply send him another email (forward your first), as it may have somehow simply gotten missed in his inbox. The address you have on file is correct - I just checked. Good luck.


#8: Post by LVD »

Thanks everyone.

In case anyone else is interested In a tamper, Gilberto says he is currently fulfilling a large order, and won't be doing any sales for the next couple of weeks.

One of the posters above mentioned that WLL has the wood handle version available, and that was still true as of yesterday at least. The black handle ones are sold out however, so make sure to search through all of them.