Bottomless portafilter for Breville Barista Pro

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#1: Post by lolmit »

Hello guys,
There is any original 54mm bottomless portafilter to my machine?
I bought one from 'Aliexpress' and it awful.

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#2: Post by slipchuck »

Not sure about the quality

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#3: Post by nameisjoey »

I have this one. Not OEM but fits and works great. ... ortafilter

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#4: Post by lolmit (original poster) » replying to nameisjoey »

The brewing is the same like the original portafilter ?
The one that arrived from 'Aliexpress' just "spit" the coffee after 4secs.

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#5: Post by Jeff »

A bottomless handle generally doesn't change extraction. As it seems you've found, it can reveal things hidden away. I would guess your extractions have been "messy" all along. Though picture-perfect extractions don't mean great espresso and vice versa, getting rid of spritzers and dead spots usually helps.

How are you grinding your coffee and prepping things for a shot?

There is probably be something simple you can do to improve things

(I'm assuming you're using the same basket. It is possible that if the import handle had a basket that it was different than the one you were using before.)