Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2021 Sales, Codes, etc.

Recommendations for buyers and upgraders from the site's members.
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My inbox is starting to get these, so please add to the thread as appropriate: - Irish site, inexpensive shipping - BLACK10 for 10% this week - home of the 41mm single basket funnel; site is in German, use Google Translate - TIDAKA10 for 10% off orders over 30 Euro, good until November 30th (watch for shipping charges; I think Jeff said the large size funnel has a much greater shipping charge than the small or medium.) - BF15 for 15% off, "does not include bundles, subscriptions, gift sets, select merch and brew gear. Sale ends Sunday November 28 at 11:59pm PST." For example, the discount doesn't include the "12 days of coffee" bundle. I'd be p*ssed if it did!
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For fellow Canadians, Monogram coffee has a fantastic deal on subscriptions. 50% off the first 2 subscription deliveries (but you must stay subscribed for at least 3 deliveries, effectively 33% off). But in addition, subscriptions always get 10% off for 3 bags, 15% for 4 bags, or 20% for 5+ bags.

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These are also available on the US Monogram site: ... riday-2021


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Lots of good deals around today. : 20% off sitewide : 30% off on parts. I see 34-38% off on filter baskets and they seem to have a better selection than many other shops. : Discount varies but I see 10% off on Mignon XL.


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Free shipping on any size order at Black and White Roasters. Great deal if you want to try a bag.

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#6: Post by baldheadracing (original poster) » has free shipping on any size order, acaia scales (!) on sale, a whole bunch of bottomless portafilters on sale, and the DF64 (for Canadians) - plus a pretty awesome price on everyone's favourite budget E-61HX - $1250CAD for the Magister Stella - unfortunately, pourover version is sold out, only plumb-in available has their usual no-tax (great for Canadians) plus some good deals on combinations has no tax. does NOT. NOW no sales tax at!
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One of the HB sponsors: Free Shipping Jackrabbit Coffee (10% off or free shipping for orders > $25). :D
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#8: Post by baldheadracing (original poster) » 20% off all green, roasted, and single serve starting now. You may have to sign up for their newsletter to get the discount tonight.
ETA: Code is: CYBER
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#9: Post by PortentPorpoise » has 50% off and free shipping through tomorrow with code cyber50.

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Any recommendations for Red Bay?

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