Black Eagle gravi - KB90 - or?

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Hi all

I am on the hunt for a new machine for my boss.

We are in middle of Sydney so have a choice.

I want to recommend any of the machines using in built scales. Which is why KB90 is looking great, but so is the black eagle model with this function.

They all seem to have some great functions for a growing high volume, high end speciality coffee shop.

Regardless of ability to service immediately (which of course we will confirm) what is the best machine on the market for dealing with changing origins/blends on a regular basis. Highly accurate recipes and ability to adjust recipes quickly during service if needed.
Also even things like resting the milk jug on the drip tray (like Cafe Racer with its nice big drip tray), is all things I want to know. Since I have used neither.

Or if any other product on the market (apart from the Opera which looks too overpriced for our budget)

Seems between the Black Eagle and KB90. I have liked the ease of changing volume on the cafe racer but these 2 machines having inbuilt scales is a great modern innovation that I can't overlook.

I am curious how difficult they all are to program and in high volume operation to use well. Can you have a barista that knows nothing except which button for which coffee, jump on and can use it easily enough without knowing any advanced features.

Any help would be amazing!