Billet Sworks 49mm basket and Olympia Cremina?

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#1: Post by fdoenz »

Does anybody know if the 49mm Billet baskets from Sworks fit the Olympia Cremina?

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#2: Post by erik82 »

Sheldon told me it should, but I don't know which size you're referring to. You should ask him.

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#3: Post by martuney »

Hi, they absolutely do, the Olympia stock bottomless fits, but I had to remove the spring. a few of us are working on producing a spring that will work, should be available soon, but it works without it okay.
Gabor Laczko is also planning on retrofitting his Naked Portafilter to fit these baskets no charge, just pay shipping.
Sworksdesign still have a few left, and I believe he's doing another run!