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#1: Post by Rpld »

Has anyone seen or heard much about this new machine introduced last year? WLL carry Bezzera but I see next to no information about it in NA. Looks very interesting. Wonder if anyone has any experience comments in the thermal stability of their electrically heated group head?


#2: Post by HoldTheOnions »

WLL usually does some sort of testing on things like that, but should be good. Interesting to me are the computer controls, which are very Breville for an Italian machine. Not seeing a brew pressure gauge though, which seems odd.

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#3: Post by DeGaulle »

From what I gather the manual version comes with an E61 group and the volumetric version comes with the heated Bezzera grouphead. My experience with the heated group is very positive and that is with a non-adjustable on/off thermostat. My machine being an entry level heat exchanger, I always flush the group before brewing and that seems to stabilize the group temp just above the operating range of the thermostat. On the Duo volumetric, the grouphead, like the two boilers is PID controlled, which I guess can only make it better in terms of consistency and adjustability.

It seems like Bezzera have taken a turn from "no-frills" to more feature-laden machines. Personally I am not a fan of TFT screens on an espresso machine, but with the wood-finished levers and PF handle, this machine looks pretty good and it seems to tick a lot of boxes (dual boiler, rotary pump, plummable or 4 liter reservoir).

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#4: Post by slipchuck »

HoldTheOnions wrote:WLL usually does some sort of testing on things like that, but should be good. Interesting to me are the computer controls, which are very Breville for an Italian machine. Not seeing a brew pressure gauge though, which seems odd.
The digital interface tells the temperature, brew pressure etc.
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#5: Post by Kryptonicspb »

I have been keeping my eye on it since day one. Looks promising, although I emailed Bezzera a well written email with interest and praise, and got "contact 1st line coffee for information" as a response, which was not what I expected. Edit- the more I think about it, maybe it's a language barrier :idea:

I have had my eye on a linea mini, but something about the bezzera group on a dual boiler set up intrigues me.

The only thing I really wanted an answer on was why they went with such a small steam boiler compared to other prosumer dual boilers (1 liter)

Rpld (original poster)

#6: Post by Rpld (original poster) »

Thanks for the context. I watched the die crema videos. The machine has great looks imo but am not so sure on the electronics either. I have an e61 he and have been looking for a dB option liking the lmlm most so far. The buzzera looks great and might have better temp stability than one of the e61 Dbs (maybe?). The smaller steam boiler also a question though not a big deal as I only do one milk drink a day for my wife. Happy to wait for a while as my hx has already lasted 8 years and will easily last a while more before more of these hit North America and there are some reviews.


#7: Post by HoldTheOnions »

slipchuck wrote:The digital interface tells the temperature, brew pressure etc.
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Hmmm, that's interesting because thinking then would only need gear pump for pressure profiling machine, no? Now wondering if that is the next step. Maybe not.

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#8: Post by Vashal »

I wouldn't care about the small steam boiler because I believe it is fairly enough for 2-3 milk based coffees.I am wondering about the size of the brew boiler.0.45ml boiler when other dual boiler espresso machines of this price range have 0.7 , 0.8 or even 1.5lt brew boilers.Would it be that cost damaging for the Bezzera Factory to equip this machine with a slightly bigger brew boiler?


#9: Post by DeGaulle »

In comparison, the LMLM has an even smaller brew boiler, but its steam boiler is 3 times bigger. It preheats the brew water before it enters the brew water. I am not sure if the Duo does the same. Keeping a steady steam pressure throughout the steaming cycle should improve brew temp stability. If the steam pressure of the Bezzera boiler declines during due its smaller size, the brew boiler plus the grouphead heater would have to compensate.

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#10: Post by lancealot »

I am looking at this in comparison to the BDB. Which I own.
The BDB has been praised for its temp stability, variable pre-infusion and convenience features such as auto-on. I am very happy to see the possibility of having some of its innovations used in machines that might be more reliable and machines that have user serviceable hardware. Specifically the heated group head and computer controls.
Couple of points. The BDB uses a .3l brew boiler and the water is headed by passing through the steam boiler before it gets to the brew boiler. The LMLM also preheats the brew water this way. It will be interesting to see how Bezzera does it.The LMLM does not have a heater in the brew head but attaches the boiler to the brew head, heating it that way.
The BDB is criticized for it's slow steaming. It has a .95l steam boiler. They have said that there was great effort put into choosing the right size steam tip holes to make steaming milk easy and to ensure the quality of the steamed milk. What I think is that the size of the holes also took into account the size and recovery rate of the steam boiler. Though the BDB is not a fast steamer, I never run out of steam. I wonder if the same thinking might be employed here. I would rather have slow and steady than small boiler with big holes that can only steam for a minute. This thing has a 1l boiler.
4l water tank - this seems pretty big! anyone else have a tank that big?
Question. Does anyone have any experience with Bezzera groups of this type? Seems like a pretty straightforward design. I love my BDB but i'd be lying if I said I didn't want something with a higher build quality. E61's dont appeal to me. So this machine without the E61 and an actively heated brewhead has my interest. (please let's not debate E61's here)
Overall, I am very interested in this machine. These features, this price point. I cannot wait to read some reviews and see some more videos.