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PDXcoffeedrinker wrote:Consumers like having the ability to choose between the E61 or the Bezzera group head....
What does this mean exactly. If it was in response to my post before yours, I still dont see any reason for an e61 group over a pid controlled / heated group....

It seems like a very odd option to offer.
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One would assume it allows Bezzera to market to more than one type of customer :wink:

Some would argue the e61 is better than the bezzera group. So, if they didn't offer it in their new flagship DB prosumer platform, they would lose business to other companies offering a db e61. My bet is they offer both until it doesn't make sense. You also have to consider the volumetric vs manual lever that will appeal to different types of consumers.

Me, I want a Matrix with the Bezzera group!
Though not until I see some steam testing, as the boiler size is small on paper, but I'm waiting to pass judgement.

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In the video it looked like it has lots of steaming power

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Yeah that was a response to your post RyanJe. Slipchuck said exactly what I meant to say, sorry if I wasn't clear enough in my post.

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RyanJE wrote:Why bother with an e61 option when you can have a heated (PID in this case) group.. I don't get it.
I searched for information on the BZ group a few days ago. This is a summary of what I found: Some people felt the BZ group gave cleaner or clearer shots at the expense of body than the E61 which favored body over clarity. Some also reported that the BZ group didn't handle larger doses well (18g) and it did better with a traditional 14g dose.

I'd love to hear more about this if anyone has first hand experience. It would be great if the retailers would review this aspect too.

As far as I can tell this is the first BZ group that is controlled by PID. I wonder if the group os just heated or if it is heated to a variable temperature that corresponds to the brew boiler temperature.


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The E61 group has the built-in preinfusion.
The BZ version of the Duo, according to ads, has an adjustable preinfusion setting. I suspect that this involves mains pressure pre-wetting, which would require the machine to be plumbed-in. Low pressure preinfusion is said to raise the forgiveness to coffee distributies issues and may also be a reason for the "body over clarity" emphasis of the E61 group.

To deal with the intolerance of the BZ group to updosing, you could pick up an 18 grams precision filter basket, such as a VST basket.


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These are now in stock in the US. I'm keeping a close eye out for reviews


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Blacktip wrote:I am intrigued by the Bezzera Due, however I have concerns about the electronics. Per 1st Equipment, it should be available in the US next month.
Hi All,

The boat landed last week, and both Bezzera Matrix and DUO units have arrived into our warehouse. I have personally seen this machine in action at HOST last October, and I was amazed, not only with the technology, but also with the quality in the cup. I will double check on the steaming performance within a few days.

I am always concerned with the electronics on espresso machines, and this is one reason of several why we do not carry certain brands or certain models of brands at 1st-line. In Bezzera's case, there is proper ventilation holes on the bottom frame and top cup warmer tray to have good airflow. Insulated boilers are good, but improper airflow can cause issues with the electronics.

Unfortunately, we have not had time for testing or videos yet. However, we should have pictures of the internals on our site for the Matrix E61 by end of day today.
Jim Piccinich
1st-line Equipment, LLC


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Hi All,

We added some pictures on our web page for the Bezzera Matrix E61 Manual espresso machine. Sorry, I did not post here since sometimes we have size restrictions on HB.

I took a really good look on the inside, and I must say, very good build quality like usual for Bezzera. Bezzera really thought this one out. Nice access panel on bottom. Thermal sensor on coffee boiler in middle. Electronics tucked away on left panel and housed on removable board (2 allen key screws removed on bottom). Front display covered behind on inside. EMI filter inside on power supply.

I hope to have this machine run through its paces in the next few days. Unfortunately, tomorrow I am involved in a huge commercial project with 7 commercial espresso machines and grinders for a single new NYC food market location.
Jim Piccinich
1st-line Equipment, LLC

Rpld (original poster)

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Thanks Jim, look forward to hearing your review!