Beware of niche zeros for sale on ebay

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#1: Post by airmoses83 »

There is someone trying to scam on ebay saying he has a brand new white US plug niche zero or sale. He keeps relisting for between 500 and 650. Every time he lists its saying it ships from a different country outside the US. I keep reporting the fraudulent listings.

I have been checking ebay everyday for a week looking for a used niche zero so this is how i know something is wrong.

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#2: Post by nordics_please »

Not to mention the sellers gouging for more than 2x retail...
Thanks for the heads up- for all of us also looking for one... :cry:

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ragdoll serenade

#3: Post by ragdoll serenade »

They are on Etsy as well. I let them know. You could report to eBay, they may or may not take action.

airmoses83 (original poster)

#4: Post by airmoses83 (original poster) »

I keep reporting and they are taking them down. This guy is relentless.


#5: Post by DaveB »

Cheers for your whack-a-mole efforts. It takes a lot longer to list an item then it does to report, so keep up the good work!
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airmoses83 (original poster)

#6: Post by airmoses83 (original poster) »

Latest shipment of niche zeros must arriving as im seeing a bunch of price gouging on ebay trying to sell them for $1,400 :evil:


#7: Post by jinrowang »

I see Niche on Ebay as low as $470 on ebay. Are these legit? Or scammers because I see their review as '0'.

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#8: Post by boren »

Scammers of course.


#9: Post by MichaelC »

They are all scammers. If it's too good to be true, it is a scam.

I am in the process of fighting Paypal to get my money back for one which was even listed above retail (800 dollars). The scammer will accept payment and then upload a fake tracking number they find on the internet which ships to your zip code.

If Ebay sees a tracking number with a valid delivery they'll automatically close the case in the seller's favor. This is the scam.

They have access to a list of tracking numbers by zip code and you'll be spending weeks trying to get your money back.


#10: Post by MichaelC »

Just hold tight. Niche just said in their most recent instagram post that pre-orders are open in the next few weeks.