Best Superautomatic for Americano

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I have a Saeco Exprilia Evo that I've had for years and generally like, however after repairing it 4 times over 6 years, it's done.

My wife and I generally drink 4-6 americanos on each weekend day, sometimes espresso, and sometimes lattes. Looking for recommendations for a super automatic that does americanos great but can also do espresso and milk drinks. My budget is below $2k. I also can't have anything too high as it needs to fit under a cabinet.

Any thoughts much appreciated!

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BaristaBoy E61

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Might a Moka pot be an option?
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Boss77 (original poster)

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Not really. Wife likes just pushing a button and getting her coffee.

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The retailers that sponsor HB are well regarded for good customer service, and they know their machines. If this comes up dry, reaching out to those who sell superautos may be helpful. They'll have a good idea about reliability etc.
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