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joiglan wrote:How do the stock DLC burrs do against the LS V2's on DF64v?
Espresso: Decent clarity with moderate but present acidity and good texture. Very versatile burrs. They do well with pretty much any roast style.
Good range and lots of room to grind finer.
One small grip is that they can leave a bit of a woody or ash like aftertaste. It's not always present but I find that I tend to play more with the grind settings and other parameters in order to get rid or at least reduce these notes.

Haven't tried filter with DLC

CV2 (1 year worth of seasoning)
Espresso: Clarity is not necessary higher vs DLC but I can usually pick one tasting nite quite clearly over the others.
Shots are rounder and softer. Plenty of mid with reduced high and low notes. Depending on the coffee and how the shot is dialed-in, they can have a modern acidity presentation or some bitterness. No complaints on texture. Definitely a small bump in perceived sweetness. Also quite versatile with great results across the roast spectrum.
Espresso range is surprisingly good. Maybe not as good as a traditional espresso burr but it was never an issue for me and I use a Flair58 (+other levers) which are known to require quite a fine grind.

Filter is very good. Again not MP like clarity but very good and enjoyable brews. I do find myself drinking more filter coffee than usual whenever I have cast burrs in my grinder.

I have recently sold the CV2 and purchased the Mizen OM.
They are improving as putting more coffee through them but it's not a massive difference between the Mizen and the CV2. Maybe the Mizen are a touch smoother and brighter but I haven't de one any blind tests to confirm that. Espresso range is smaller though. I also have to grind much closer to 0 (even though they are the sandblasted version) or use higher doses. They also have an unusual slow feed/output. Like 3X-4X the DLC. But they sound WAY better and so do the CV2.

Hope this helps!
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Super helpful - thanks! Have you tried out the MP's on espresso and filter, and if so how do they stack?

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Yes I had SSP Multipurpose in a gen 1 DF64 at some point.
I find they can do exceptionally well with light roasts, and really shine at longer ratios and fast shots. Thin body but excellent clarity and modern acidity.
Brews were also very good. Even better than CV2/Mizen OM. Distinguishable notes and good sweetness.

However, they can also expose any alight defect in a roast or coffee. Like a magnifying glass. I didn't like them for anything above medium-roast, regular 1:2 ratios (or less) and milk drinks. It's a very niche burr that excel at what they do and only that. Not for everyone though.
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