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I like my no frills Eureka Mignon Notte; grind quality has been fantastic. I have not had an issue with usability or dialing in but I only do espresso. I would not recommend it for switching between espresso and other methods.

Retention was higher than I expected but with the after market mods have gotten it down to a plus/minus 0.2.

idrinkcoffee out of Milton, ON carries the full Mignon line including a pre-order option for the new Single Dose Oro and has a retail storefront if you are the "hands-on before you buy" type.

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yalag wrote:Where are the 2?
Better move fast, it looks like one of them is gone already, unless you got it.

BTW, another thumbs up for the Niche, DF64 combo. I don't do brew, but I do use the Niche for my darker roasts and the DF64 for my light(ish) beans.