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I am utilizing Kinu M47 Phoenix with grind settings of 1 round + number 2 for Picopresso (beans with medium roasted)
Happy with shots daily.


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I am using a 1Z J-Max with the Picopresso & it gives me a nicely rounded shot for medium roasts.
I also like the travel bag it comes with for van touring.

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JB90068 wrote:...I prefer medium roasts...

Considering the following:
Kinu M47 Classic for richer berry and heavy fruit tones. Not sure about the mouthfeel.

I have the Kinu M47 classic. IMO it has great mouthfeel. The Klatch medium roast Organic Mexican and Gaut and the medium-dark Belle blend are very nice, especially the Belle. I find that RDT is helpful.
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