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Hey all- I travel a lot and am finally getting a road set up. Any advice on best hand grinder for travel? I will only doing AP on the road, and drink very light roasted coffee. Thanks in advance!


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The Porlex tall fits inside the Aeropress. Holds beans. Works well enough for travel. Win.

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Def want something higher quality then a porlex. Had one and threw it away, it was impossible to grind the beans I had.


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Kellyk wrote:The Porlex tall fits inside the Aeropress. Holds beans. Works well enough for travel. Win.
Also the Aergrind fits inside the Aeropress and it is by far a better grinder with quality burrs. It's only a wee bit pricier, so it is my choice (with the Aeropress).

Of course there are better hand grinders, but Aergrinder's price, portability and size make it a clear winner for the Aeropress).

James Hoffmann recently did a good Youtube review on hand grinders.


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I use a feldgrind for my makineta I like it a lot. Makineta coffee comes out bitter if there is too much powdered fine grind, and the feldgrind really shines here. It is also built like a tank and tge conical burrs are very efficient.
I had a cheap ceramic burr hario and it was really piece of trash in comparison.


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Out of all the hand grinders I tried (the list includes a Kinu M47 and a Lido 2 with the "old" Italmill and "new" style swiss made burrs) I much prefer my "Comandante C40 Nitro Blade" for non-espresso coffee brewing. Especially for light roasts.
On a recent vacation I took the Comandante and an Aeropress with me and I was surprised again how well this combination works both in terms of workflow (the catch cup of the Comandante fits the Aeropress perfectly) and taste.
I even switched to doing my morning brews with the Aeropress and Comandante because of how well this works for me.


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The general consensus that I've been reading says that the comandante is one of the best choices for a brew focused person. That being said, I feel like any premium hand grinder will do fine. Portability and durability should be next concerns. I had a Lido 3 and it's built like a tank but I ended up not liking the large construction.

I now have a Kinu Traveler and I like that a lot lot more. I currently am using it with AP as well with a light roast ethiopian and I am brewing very enjoyable cups that is comparable to what I get at home except with a bit less clarity. But I wouldn't say there was a difference (I'm sure there might be a very slight one) in taste between the lido and the kinu for AP.


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+1 for M47 Travel, portability & durability...

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The Aergrind is specifically designed to fit inside the Aeropress. I haven't tried the other grinders but from my research it was the most compact and best price point of the quality travel grinders. As discussed in my recent thread, it made fantastic V60 and was a pleasure to use. It seems to be one of James Hoffman's favorites in its class, too.

About the Aergrind:

38mm burr set and top dial adjustment, and most importantly the grind quality from our class leading Feldgrind and provided in a compact size, designed to fit inside the Aeropress (tm). As with all our grinders it features a single piece precision machined body, made from high grade aluminium and ball bearing pairs for both shaft and knob.