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Hi all,

So in my household I tend to drink Espresso, and my Girlfriend tends to drink Filter.
Currently we have 2 grinders - Rancilio Rocky for Espresso and just an old Krupps one for the Filter.
My question is - I am wanting to potentially buy the Niche Zero, but I would like this to be used for both the Espresso and Filter. HOWEVER, this would involve grind settings being changed from Filter to Espresso and back every day.
Could the Niche deal with this? Is it bad for the burrs?

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#2: Post by mckolit »

If you have the space, keep the rocky for filter and use niche for espresso.

Boxawh (original poster)

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Thanks for the response!
I was hoping to avoid keeping the rocky due to space. If the Niche couldn't cope with changing between filter and espresso so often then I would consider buying a second single dose grinder after the nice (hoping to avoid this expense though).


#4: Post by oliccino »

try using only the rocky for one week and change grind settings daily. I promise, you will be unhappy.

Get 2 grinders or buy pre-ground beans for your gf :twisted:


#5: Post by SutterMill »

The Niche is generally considered less than ideal
for Filter coffee. It creates a fair amount of fines which leads to a muddled flavor for filter.
With that said, if your girlfriend enjoys flavored creamers etc. then I doubt she would notice. If she enjoys coffee black you may want to keep looking or find a decent hand grinder.

Boxawh (original poster)

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I have tried using just the rocky, and it was an awful experience changing grind setting every day, hense why I got out the old guard Krupps grinder haha

Boxawh (original poster)

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Thanks for the response.
Yes it looks like I may have to leave the Niche for espresso and upgrade the Krupps to another single dose when I can!

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#8: Post by Jeff »

Something like a 1ZPresso Q2 for single-cup filter is a reasonable choice that isn't very expensive. There are other hand grinders that are a bit more expensive that add capacity, ease of adjustment, and perhaps a tiny bit "better" cup.