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So i was able to find in one store one Rancilio Silvia Pro X at that price range. I think that this is a golden chance.

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Why no one is taking Expobar Brewtus 4 into account?? :) I've just bought one and am pretty happy with it.
Or maybe i dunno of its drawbacks compared to all others you've mentioned in the question..?

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A few years ago Crem - parent company of Expobar - decided to drop the Expobar machines in North America and introduce their own brand and a series of machines with refreshed looks, the Crem One series. Note that the Crem One has already been mentioned. (In some markets, the Crem One is known as the Expobar One.)

So the Brewtus hasn't been mentioned as the majority of the members here are from North America, and Expobar is long gone from the North American market.
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