Best cleaning brush for grinder and prep area

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#1: Post by djcuvcuv »

Hi all,

I am curious if anyone has found a brush for their setup that they really particularly like. I'm looking for a small soft-ish brush that I would use to dust away coffee grounds from my tamping mat and grinder exit chute. I had the Weber Workshops brush for a while, but I accidentally broke it, and I thought maybe I should post a question here before simply reordering that one.

Thanks in advance for any recommendations and hope all the wonderful coffee friends of HB are doing well!

Best wishes,

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I bought one from a local art supply store. Here is the one I have on Ebay. It is soft and hangs onto its bristles better than most brushes.
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I use a makeup brush bought in a dollar store for about a buck & a ¼.

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#5: Post by mwynne »

Cheap 2" chip brush for me. I cut the handle down shorter for easier storage too. ... 1000738776
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