Best budget way to grind when using different coffees and brewing methods

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I'm facing a bit of a challenge: I'm looking to buy a proper grinder but I don't have a huge budget (or countertop space :D). I'm usually drinking filter and espresso so ideally I would like to buy a grinder which suits all of these brewing methods and can handle changing beans regularly without wasting too much, but that might be wishful thinking.

Right now I'm thinking of buying a proper hand grinder for filter AND the Eureka Mignon manuale for espresso but I'm curious whether there is a serious single (hand or electric) grinder for both (filter and espresso) in the 200-300 euro budget. Any tips?


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Can you stretch your budget a bit for an Option O Lagom Mini?

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Thanks for the tip! I might as well :) Seems to get the job done for both filter and espresso. I'm not necessarily looking for a micro sized grinder though. I have limited space but enough space for 1 grinder. Does anyone have experience with the Baratza Encore ESP?

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The Lagom Mini produces high-quality grinds. I own one and it is a grinder that I am not afraid to put high-quality coffee through. I also own a 1ZPresso K-Plus and consider it to produce high-quality grinds as well. I use it regularly for filter and have used it for espresso as well. The Kingrinder K6 is said to be very good for both filter and espresso. I have not tried it myself.

I would not put the Baratza burr set in the same class as either of these. (I have not tried the Encore ESP, but have used Baratza grinders with the M2 burr set.) Edit: Take that with a grain of salt. The Encore now uses an M3 burr set, which I have not tried.