Best all-around Turkish-espresso-drip grinder?

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#1: Post by flamenkito »

I understand there's no grinder that does all grinds perfectly, and I'll have to compromise. That being said: What are the best multi-purpose grinders for Turkish-espresso-drip?

It's for home use, and I'll be doing mostly espresso (manual espresso machine) and Chemex drip, with only the occasional Turkish.

I've been looking at Jim's 1st line site, and I have some candidates in mind: ... yprice.htm
Quamar Q80 - $449 ... ar-M80.htm
La Pavoni Jolly - $489 ... _jolly.htm
Rancilio Rocky (doserless) - $349 ... cky_ss.htm
Macap MC4C18 Doserless stepless - $509 ... type=store
Macap M2M Chrome Doserless Manual - $419 ... type=store

BTW, buying several dedicated grinders is not an option at this time. And I'm not interested in the Baratzas; I've tried the Preciso and Virtuoso and they just don't grind fine enough for my needs.

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#2: Post by tamarian »

Turkish grind is the weakest point for espresso grinders. My Mazzer Mini E get jammed/plugged on very fine setting. I was considering the Mahlkonig ProM "all around", but I think it's all around from Espresso to coarser.

If you don't mind manual grinders, the Pharos is great for Turkish, Espresso and drip.


#3: Post by flamenkito »

What an interesting suggestion! I read about the Pharos, last year, but settled on a Porlex hand grinder (which actually does an OK job, with Turkish, if you turn the knob to the tightest possible setting).

Since it's for home use, I'm very intrigued by your suggestion... ... _3977.html


#4: Post by flamenkito »

I pulled the trigger and ordered a Pharos. Looking forward to seeing how fine a Turkish grind it can churn out.

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#5: Post by tamarian »

Congrats! Can't go wrong with it!


#6: Post by flamenkito »

Just a brief follow-up on my Pharos purchase:

After a brief learning curve, and some trial and error, I'm getting excellent, ultra-powdery Turkish grind, that's virtually indistinguishable from Bravo, Najjar, and similar coffee brands.

Thanks again for the recommendation. This grinder is the real deal.